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Mark Drake

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PostgreSQL's documentation is top-notch, and the community of Postgres users willing to share their knowledge to help others is growing every day. But even so, Postgres has a number of quirks that can be confusing for beginners, and even push some toward using another DBMS. Drawing on what I've learned as part of the Developer Education team at DigitalOcean and writing about PostgreSQL over the past few years, this presentation will provide an overview of how best to explain Postgres to others. Specifically, it will illustrate how to frame explanations so they're easier for those who are just starting out with PostgreSQL to understand.

This presentation is geared towards database administrators, technical writers, meetup organizers, support engineers, developer advocates, relationship managers, mentors, and anyone else who is on the lookout for ways to (gently) introduce folks to the Postgres. By the end of it, attendees will walk away with some time-tested strategies they can use to help even the most novice user feel confident when working with PostgreSQL.

2020 March 24 15:30
20 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Professional Development, Life and Leadership