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David sudia

David Sudia

GoSpotCheck, Inc

David Sudia is a former educator turned developer turned DevOps Engineer. He's passionate about supporting other developers in doing their best work by making sure they have the right tools and environments. In his day to day he's responsible for managing Kubernetes clusters, deploying databases, writing utility apps, and generally being a Swiss-Army knife. In the last 6 months he has learned more about Postgres than he ever thought he would.

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PaaS solutions like Heroku are a perfect fit when you are early stage startup, and Postgres is THE choice of database on most of these platforms. However, what do you do when your business starts to get traction, and your scale or use case begins to stretch the limitations of the PaaS offering? This talk will share the story of a startup's successful migration of a Postgres database system from fully PaaS-managed to fully self-managed.

We'll share the highlights of our journey, such as how we knew it was time to take ownership of our databases, how we addressed our fears of self-management, and how we executed the move. We'll explain the series of choices we made, like the stack of open source tools we chose to manage our databases, and share our challenges along the way and where we still think we need to grow.

2020 March 25 14:00
50 min
Postgres Conference 2020
Case Studies