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Laura Ellis

IBM Cloud

Laura Ellis is a data geek who aims to make data science and analytics accessible to everyone. Over the past 15 years, Laura has worked with teams to deliver a wide range of business solutions built on a diverse analytic stack including databases, business intelligence, data science, predictive modeling and real time event streaming. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering Science from the University of Western Ontario and a Master of Science in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. Laura is passionate about digging into data, teaching and helping women grow their careers. Check out her blog:

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Tiffany Cross

IBM Cloud

Specialize in data-driven, front-end web development and analytics, integrating great graphic design with RESTful backend services and databases. I lead key projects and initiatives that span teams and ensure that our customers have the best user experience possible on IBM Cloud.

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The most successful businesses will equip every layer in the organization with the data needed to identify and drive growth. The search for this self-service data platform and underlying culture has fueled IBMs own internal business transformation in IBM Cloud Platform. Unsurprisingly, the path involves both technical and cultural challenges. Technically, you need to ensure that your data shows the full picture in a timely fashion, with quality information in the tool of choice. Culturally, you need to create an accessible platform that allows subject matter experts to perform deep analysis without becoming data scientists. Join us to learn how IBM Cloud built a data platform enabling all team members to drive quality and growth.

2022 January 21 12:00 PST
20 min
Silicon Valley 2022