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Bobby Curtis is the CEO/Owner and Senior Cloud Architect at RheoData, a global systems integrator based out of Atlanta, Georgia. As an Oracle ACE Pro and published author, he has a wide range of knowledge from database technologies, data movement, and cloud architectures. Before running RheoData, Bobby worked for Oracle as the core product manager for Oracle GoldenGate and various consulting firms specializing in creating, maintaining, tuning, and integrating enterprise database solutions to help solve business problems. Bobby hosts a blog,, which is respected as a source of information for solving complex issues related to Oracle technologies, especially Oracle GoldenGate. Along with his blog, Bobby is active on Twitter under the handle @DBASolved. During his downtime, Bobby enjoys spending time with his family while traveling to watch his children compete in their respective sports. Outside of work, he is a geek, either writing the next chapters of an upcoming book or looking for technical solutions to solve.

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With the growth of cloud platforms and the shift to open-source database solutions, there is still the need for data integration between platforms. As organizations continue to shift to open-source solutions, the data movement will be as critical today and into the future. After many years of Oracle denying apply operations to PostgreSQL, Oracle introduced apply processes for PostgreSQL in late 2021. They are enabling organizations to capitalize on their PostgreSQL investment and enabling data integration across platforms, enabling a data mesh approach for accessing data across the enterprise. At the end of this session, participants will understand the basics of setting up PostgreSQL replication using Oracle GoldenGate and how it ties into the enterprise. Takeaways: • Why Oracle released an apply process for PostgreSQL • Core functionality, configuration, and where to look • PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL with Oracle GoldenGate - example

2023 April 21 13:30 PDT
50 min
San Carlos, Lvl C
Silicon Valley 2023