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Lukas Fittl

Citus Data

Principal Engineer on the Citus Cloud team at Citus Data, developing and operating a distributed PostgreSQL-as-a-Service.

Creator of, hosted PostgreSQL Performance Monitoring, author of pg_query (Ruby extension to parse queries using the raw_parser) and other tools. I love working with PostgreSQL statistics and visualizing them.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

This talk will go into lessons learned when using the pg_stat_statements extension for collecting query statistics, and present new open-source tools we’ve developed for working with the extension output: pg_query: A Ruby extension to parse SQL queries into parse trees using the PostgreSQL parser. This can be used for filtering pg_stat_statements output (e.g. finding all queries on a certain table) and works with normalized queries, thanks to parser patches. pg_simulator: Tool for loading production statistics into a sandbox database and running EXPLAIN against collected queries. Useful for regression testing before deploying new versions of client applications to production (and finding missing indices, etc). This talk is primarily aimed at database admins trying to monitor database performance, and hackers interested in the tooling & pg_stat_statements bug fixes we’ll propose for the 9.5 cycle.

30 min
PGConf US 2015 [PgConf.US]