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Alexey Klyukin

Adjust GbmH

Alexey started with PostgreSQL at 2003 as a C programmer. He learned how to debug the backend code before learning SQL, but caught up on the latter pretty quickly. He is now using both of those skills and years of experience as a database consultant to help his employer manage a growing number of PostgreSQL database clusters and deal with terabytes of analytical data. Oleksii is based in Berlin and works as a PostgreSQL Engineer at Adjust GbmH. Over the years, he contributed code and documentation to the PostgreSQL project, as well as promoted Postgres by starting PostgreSQL User Group Berlin in 2015.

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In this talk I'm going to touch different techniques and tools for managing changes inside PostgreSQL databases, including schema deployments, data changes and usage of stored procedures as a versioned API layer. Based on my experience of no-downtime deployments at Zalando SE, one of the biggest European fashion retailers, I'm going to highlight different approaches to database deployments and introduce some open-source tools used and developed by the Database Team at Zalando.

30 min
PGConf US 2015 [PgConf.US]