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Andreas Scherbaum is working with PostgreSQL since 1997. He is involved in several PostgreSQL related community projects, member of the Board of Directors of the European PostgreSQL User Group and also wrote a PostgreSQL book (in German). Since 2011 he is working for EMC/Greenplum/Pivotal and tackles very big databases.

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BOfH subtitle: Mark your customers profiles with ICBM coordinates Companies collect huge amounts of data. In order to provide location based services, address data must be coupled with geocoordinates and location based events must be coupled with nearest address information. That's not an easy task: geocoordinates not always match an exact address, and addresses can have a broad variety of formats which makes them unpleasant to parse and locate on a map. This talk shows how addresses in your database can be resolved (geocoding) to coordinates, and geocoordinates can be transformed into addresses (reverse geocoding), all from inside a PostgreSQL database. Two different data sources are used, Open Street Map and Esri ArcGIS.

30 min
PGConf US 2015 [PgConf.US]