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David Steele

Crunchy Data Solutions

David Steele is Principal Architect at Crunchy Data, the Trusted Open Source Enterprise PostgreSQL Leader. He has been actively developing with PostgreSQL since 1999.

David loves taking on big data challenges. Before Crunchy Data he was Data Architect at Resonate, an online media company using PostgreSQL to drive its transactional and data warehousing databases. Before that, he helped drive global mobile text messaging at Sybase365.

David's current project is pgBackRest, which will be the subject of this talk.

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pgBackRest is open source software developed to perform efficient backup on PostgreSQL databases that measure in tens of terabytes and greater. It supports per file checksums, compression, partial/failed backup resume, high-performance parallel transfer, asynchronous archiving, tablespaces, expiration, full/differential/incremental, local/remote operation via SSH, hard-linking, restore, and more. pgBackRest is written in Perl and does not depend on rsync or tar but instead performs its own deltas which gives it maximum flexibility. This talk by the author will introduce the features, give sample configurations, and discuss design philosophy.

30 min
PGConf US 2016 [PgConf.US]