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Perren Walker


Perren Walker currently works at Tessell on their customer & product innovation team. Prior to Tessell, Perren worked in various product management and operational roles at Oracle. These responsibilities included Enterprise Java Cloud Native Portfolio, Identity and Access Management, Service Oriented Architecture Management, BI, and Service Level Management products. In addition to bringing the Configuration and Compliance Cloud Service to general availability, Perren also drove product portfolios from a business development and market competitive intelligence standpoint, with P&L and portfolio revenue in excess of +500m.

In his free time, Perren volunteers for Bay Area nonprofits, focusing on understanding, articulating and aligning operational and impact metrics with the organization's mission. Living and working in San Francisco, Perren can be found with his Spouse and twins exploring Northern California.

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This training will cover some of the most popular PostgreSQL extensions, their use cases and a deep dive into their usage. Gain a comprehensive understanding of PostgreSQL extensions and their role in expanding database functionalities.

Explore major extensions, emphasizing PostGIS, pg_routing, hstore, uuid-ossp, pg_trgm, pg_stat_statements, pg_vector, pgbigm, and TimescaleDB.

Learn practical applications of extensions, such as spatial analysis, full-text search and time series data.

Understand best practices for integrating and optimizing PostgreSQL extensions within diverse application scenarios.

2024 April 19 16:00 PDT
50 min
Santa Clara
Postgres Conference 2024