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Sameer Malik has been working on relational Databases for over 20 years now and is currently working as a Principal Database Solution Architect at AWS focused on RDS and Aurora. Sameer Malik has helped several customers with their migration journey from on-premise commercial Databases to the Open Source Databases such as PostgreSQL. Previous experience includes 1. Working at AWS for more than 6 years as Principal Product Manager and Principal Database Specialist Solution Architecture on RDS/Aurora. 2. Working at Google cloud as Principal Solution Engineer at Google Cloud focused on Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. 3. Working at Oracle corporation as Principal Exadata Sales Consultant,Principal Advanced Support Engineer at Oracle ACS (platinum support) and led the Performance tuning team for Oracle RAC and Exadata 4. working as a consultant focused on Oracle Database troubleshooting/performance tuning and DBA lead on several consulting companies like DTCC and Equifax.

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Customers are looking to migrate off Oracle due to Vendor lock-in, Punitive licensing which results in license audits. Customer are required to pay for Initial license costs, each new features and options require additional licenses and they must license for the peak load . PostgreSQL is , the world's most advanced Open Source Database” that supports all features of RDBMS. PostgreSQL's PL/pgSQL language is similar to Oracle's PL/SQL language in many aspects and it makes PostgreSQL as extremely lucrative options to migrate off Oracle Databases. In this session we will look at the top 10 migration challenges customers may faced while migrating their Oracle Database to PostgreSQL. We will also look at how we can mitigate those challenges to accelerate Oracle to PostgreSQL migration journey.

2024 April 18 15:10 PDT
50 min
Santa Clara
Postgres Conference 2024