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Ibrar Ahmed


Ibrar Ahmed is a seasoned Principal Engineer at pgEdge, bringing a wealth of experience in software design and development to the world of open source. With a strong background in system-level embedded development, Ibrar has honed his expertise over the years with renowned PostgreSQL companies such as EnterpriseDB, Percona, and Bitnine.

Having embarked on his journey with PostgreSQL since 2006, Ibrar has become intricately involved in the core engine of PostgreSQL, making significant contributions to its evolution. From spearheading major performance enhancements to refining various PostgreSQL modules, his dedication to advancing the platform has left an indelible mark on the PostgreSQL community.

Beyond PostgreSQL, Ibrar's proficiency extends to a multitude of databases, including MySQL, Oracle, and cutting-edge NoSQL technologies like MongoDB and Hadoop. His expertise isn't confined solely to databases; he possesses adeptness with related tools such as Hive, HBase, and Spark, seamlessly integrating them with PostgreSQL to unlock new possibilities in data management and analytics.

Recognized for his depth of knowledge and insight, Ibrar has authored multiple authoritative books on PostgreSQL and is a highly regarded blogger within the PostgreSQL community, sharing valuable insights and best practices with a global audience. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Ibrar Ahmed continues to drive forward the boundaries of database technology, shaping the future of data management in the digital age. He gave more than fifteen PostgreSQL talks in the last one year in various parts of the World (PostgreConf-EU, PostgreConf-ASIA, PostgreConf-NY, Percona Lives, etc ). He also authored multiple books on PostgreSQL.

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In the continuously evolving landscape of digital enterprises, ensuring uninterrupted service and data availability is not just a luxury, but a mandate. PostgreSQL, celebrated for its robustness and flexibility, offers myriad ways to implement High Availability (HA) and fault tolerance. However, with options comes complexity. This talk aims to demystify HA for PostgreSQL, guiding attendees through its intricate pathways.

Key Takeaways:

Introduction to HA: A concise introduction to what High Availability means in the context of PostgreSQL. We’ll cover its importance, challenges, and the primary objectives one should aim for when configuring an HA system.

Architectural Foundations: An exploration of the foundational concepts underlying HA in PostgreSQL, including replication techniques, failover strategies, and connection pooling.

Dive into Tools & Solutions: A deep dive into the tools and solutions that make HA possible in PostgreSQL: Physical Replication: Streaming Replication and WAL Shipping. Logical Replication: Understand its benefits and use-cases. External Tools: Dive into tools like Patroni, Pgpool-II, and Stolon, and evaluate their features, advantages, and ideal scenarios of application.

Failover and Switchover Mechanisms: Delve into the mechanisms that ensure seamless transition during unplanned outages and planned maintenance events, ensuring minimal service disruption.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Unpack the essentials of monitoring HA setups, detecting potential issues before they escalate, and the routine maintenance practices that ensure long-term stability.

Case Studies: Real-world scenarios illustrating the challenges faced and solutions employed by enterprises to ensure HA in their PostgreSQL setups. Join us for a comprehensive journey into the world of High Availability in PostgreSQL. Whether you're a database novice striving for uninterrupted services or an experienced professional aiming for perfection, this session will offer a combination of theoretical foundations, practical insights, and industry best practices.

2024 April 17 16:10 PDT
50 min
San Carlos
Postgres Conference 2024