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Baji Shaik is a Sr. Lead Consultant with AWS ProServe, GCC AMER. He was introduced to databases in 2011 and over the years has worked with Oracle, PostgreSQL, Postgres Advance Server, RedShift, and Greenplum. His background spans a wide depth and breadth of expertise and experience in SQL/NoSQL database technologies. He is a Database Migration Expert and has developed many successful database solutions addressing challenging business requirements for moving databases from on-premises to Amazon RDS and Aurora PostgreSQL/MySQL and worked on tuning the RDS/Aurora PostgreSQL/MySQL databases to perform upto the mark. He is an eminent author, having written several books on PostgreSQL. A few of his recent works include "Procedural Programming with PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL", “PostgreSQL Configuration“, “Beginning PostgreSQL on the Cloud”, and “PostgreSQL Development Essentials“. Furthermore, he has delivered several conference, workshop sessions and published many blogs in aws blog community.

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Ensuring data security is paramount, especially in industries governed by HIPAA compliance. However, migrating encryption protocols from Oracle to PostgreSQL presents unique challenges due to their divergent methodologies. In this presentation, we delve into a compelling case study of a customer grappling with the intricacies of 2-level encryption migration. Explore the nuances of Oracle's encryption implementation, uncovering both its strengths and weaknesses. Then, venture into the realm of PostgreSQL, where we analyze available encryption methods, evaluating their respective advantages and drawbacks. Gain invaluable insights into selecting the most suitable encryption strategy that strikes the delicate balance between security and performance. Join us as we unravel the complexities of securely migrating encrypted data, ensuring seamless continuity in data protection.

2024 April 19 15:30 PDT
20 min
Postgres Conference 2024