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Patrick Mottram joined EDB in November 2023 as the VP of Product Management for Analytics & AI, bringing a wealth of expertise to the role, including specializing in catastrophe and climate risk modeling. Before joining EDB, Patrick was the senior director of product management at Precisely, where he played a crucial part in building out the company's data integrity platform. As a Senior Director of Product Management at RMS, Patrick spearheaded the development of the first applications on their Intelligent Risk Platform, demonstrating his leadership in pioneering initiatives.

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The massive interest in AI solutions recently sparked a huge wave of AI projects. We now enter a second phase where valid AI projects look for operational enterprise environments, as shown by the big hype for vector databases and feature stores. This phase is the hour of databases, the recognised bedrock for enterprise data management environments, where Postgres is a front runner. AI workloads are fully tied to data: they start with data, run on data and produce data. We will review popular AI application flows and their strong ties to data, and then show how Postgres' strengths perfectly fit mission critical enterprise AI solutions. Finally we will share our plans for further evolution of Postgres towards a fully functional AI database and eventually a one-stop-shop AI data platform. EDB is entirely committed to make Postgres the natural choice for modern AI applications.

2024 April 19 12:00 PDT
50 min
Postgres Conference 2024