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2019 08 16

Ravi Murthy


Ravi Murthy is a Senior Engineering Director in Google Cloud Databases. He is a seasoned engineering executive and technologist with 20+ years of experience in delivering innovative products and services across database systems, big data analytics, large-scale backend infrastructure, mobile applications and machine learning.

Previously Ravi was Director of Engineering at Facebook where he led development of one of the largest Big Data platforms in the world. His teams were responsible for many popular open source software such as Presto, Hive and Hadoop, as well as specialized systems for real-time stream processing, in-memory analytics, time series DB and graph analytics. Ravi started his career at Oracle Corporation working on many core Database technologies.

Ravi holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin, Madison and Bachelors degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He has more than 100 approved patents and several publications in academic and industry conferences.

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We're living in an exciting time for databases. The generative AI ("GenAI") boom is bringing a wave of innovation and transforming software development, and PostgreSQL is where the action is. We'll cover the key data and AI trends that we've seen in the past year, review the many ways that AI can be valuable for developers, DBAs and other database professionals, and outline our vision for the future of database and GenAI.

2024 April 18 09:30 PDT
20 min
Postgres Conference 2024
Google Cloud