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Tatiana Krupenya

DBeaver Corp

CEO of DBeaver Corp. PostgreSQL is one of the most popular database among DBeaver users. We are glad to be a part of Postgres community.

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What is the difference between your stable production and test databases? Data.

When your system is active, data changes very quickly. You have made a backup up, and the next hour, it won't match with the database anymore. You migrated the data from your old database to a new one, but while you are finalizing all processes, data stops being synchronized. Of course, you can compare the data in tables and find the differences. Is it a problem? Unfortunately, sometimes, yes.

Let's review the main difficulties together: - What are the criteria to compare the data? - How to determine constraints, columns, and transformed values? - What if you have billions of rows? - How to store the differences? - What is the best way to show the comparison result?

We have already gone through all these questions in developing the Data Comparison feature in DBeaver. Now, we are ready to share some tips and tricks with you.

2024 April 17 11:40 PDT
20 min
San Carlos
Postgres Conference 2024