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Varun Dhawan


Varun Dhawan is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, with a wealth of experience in the realm of relational databases, particularly focusing on Azure PostgreSQL. With over 20 years of expertise in enterprise database systems, including PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Oracle, Varun brings a comprehensive understanding of diverse database technologies to his role.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Varun held pivotal positions at Target Corp. as a DevOps engineer and at McKinsey as an Database SRE, honing his skills in Data Platforms, Observability, Database-as-a-Service, and Cloud platform. Alongside his professional commitments, Varun passionately shares his knowledge through his insightful blog. You can explore his writing on his personal blog and team blog

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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape; choosing the right managed service for your PostgreSQL database is crucial. Azure Database for PostgreSQL stands out as a leading option; offering a blend of High Performance; Reliability; Security; and advanced features. This session delves into what sets Azure Database for PostgreSQL apart as a compelling choice for hosting PostgreSQL databases. We will explore its robust capabilities; including built-in High Availability (HA); Disaster Recovery (DR); effortless scalability; and exceptional performance straight out-of-the-box. Additionally; we'll examine how PostgreSQL on Azure integrates with the latest PostgreSQL enhancements; to further optimize your database management. Attendees will gain insights into advanced monitoring tools and automated security updates that simplify operational management; ensuring a secure; highly available; and performant PostgreSQL service in cloud. This session is designed for those seeking a managed PostgreSQL service that not only meets but exceeds their enterprise development needs; providing a comprehensive; streamlined; and powerful database solution.

2024 April 18 16:10 PDT
50 min
Santa Clara
Postgres Conference 2024