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Min-Hank Ho

Baffle, Inc.

Min-Hank Ho leads the Product Management team at Baffle. Previously, he led development of the Advanced Security Option for the Oracle database and was one of the original engineer for Transparent Data Encryption.

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Businesses want to leverage private data for GenAI because it can save them time, money, and resources. They can also derive new insights and use their data for a competitive advantage. Postgres plays an important role in enabling GenAI applications, not only as a vector database provider through the use of extensions like pgvector, but also as the data source at the beginning of GenAI pipelines. In this capacity, organizations have the opportunity to secure data stored in Postgres in a manner that ensures GenAI systems using the data downstream comply with data security and privacy regulations that would otherwise slow or block rollout of GenAI applications.

In this talk, we will discuss: - the implications of security, compliance, and privacy on GenAI applications - the role of Postgres as GenAI data source and how to anonymize sensitive data in Postgres so it can be used in GenAI projects - how to enforce access controls on sensitive data values presented through a typical GenAI application using RAG to meet data security and privacy compliance requirements

2024 April 19 15:00 PDT
50 min
Santa Clara
Postgres Conference 2024