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Scott Bellware


Scott Bellware works with software teams on evented and message-based systems, as well as architecture remediation. He’s been on a ten-year mission to incorporate all the good things he’s learned in the distributed systems world with all the good things he’s learned in the mainstream web app world. He's a software professional with 25 years of industry experience, and has been hands-on in virtually every role in a software organization from developer, to QA, to product manager, to CTO. Scott is a co-founder of the open source Eventide Project and Message DB.

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Event Sourcing is an approach to application data storage based on little more than an event log. While specialized data stores like Datomic and EventStore have been created specifically to address this space, Postgres makes for a pragmatic and broadly-supported data platform for modeling and operating event stores. This presentation provides a rundown of the Event Sourcing architectural style, contrasting it with row and table entity storage, and shows the applicative code style that leverages it. The mechanics of an event store are detailed, along with the Postgres schema and server functions that implement them. Advantages and disadvantages of using a Postgres event store versus one of the purpose-built, dedicated events stores will be discussed.


2017 December 5 10:20 CST
50 min
Magnolia B
PGConf Local: Austin [PgConf.US]