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Ryan Murphy

Service Direct

From a young age I've been fascinated by music and programming. When I was 10, my father, a hobbyist programmer, showed me how to write simple programs in Pascal. I stayed up late coding programs in Pascal and then games in C.

I studied CS and Music at UT, and still live in Austin, enjoying its creative culture. In 2010 I joined Service Direct. I now lead the development team there, enjoying the challenges of solving problems, keeping the code-base clean, and helping us learn and create.

I discovered PostgreSQL years ago and fell in love with it. I use it for almost everything: tracking expenses, todos, and more. Postgres has also become the basis of my metaprogramming / "AI" escapades, letting me code at a higher level of abstraction and gain more traction in my experiments.

At work we mostly use MySQL, but Postgres exerts an inevitable pull...

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Learn tools and best practices for constructing, querying, visualizing and manipulating trees and hierarchical data in SQL.

We'll compare various design patterns for how to store the hierarchical relationships in the schema, and explore trade-offs and practical use cases for different approaches. Learn how PostreSQL features such as JSON / JSONB / array types, the WITH RECURSIVE keyword, and triggers, can help you with various tree / hierarchical data tasks. I will show how my open source project DB Viewer's Tree View tool can be used to easily and flexibly create custom views for visualizing and manipulating many types of hierarchical SQL data.

50 min
PGConf Local: Austin [PgConf.US]