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Asif Rehman is a database architect / PostgreSQL consultant at HighGo Software. He Joined EnterpriseDB, an Enterprise PostgreSQL’s company in 2005 and started his career in open source development particularly in PostgreSQL. Asif's contributions range from developing in-house features relating to oracle compatibility, to developing tools around PostgreSQL. He Joined HighGo Software in the month of Sep 2018.

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Replication is a critical part of any database system that aims to provide high availability (HA) and effective disaster recovery (DR) strategy. In a nutshell, the database replication describes the process of coping data from the database instance to one or more database instances. Again, these instances can be in the same location or perhaps connected over a wide network.

The term Replication is used to describe the process of sharing information between one or more software or hardware systems; to ensure reliability, availability, and fault-tolerance. These systems can be located in the same vicinity, could be on a single machine or perhaps connected over a wide network. The replication can be divided broadly into Hardware and Software categories. We’ll explore these categories briefly, however, the main focus of this training is database replication. This online training is aimed at establishing the role of replication in a database system. The training will begin with an general overview of replication and explain difference types of replication before getting into replication options in PostgreSQL. We will then delve into setup and configuration of the known replication options in PostgreSQL, this will be very use-full in understanding how different replication options in PostgreSQL are configured. We also also discuss common problems that user can run into while setting up different replication options and how to overcome these issues.

Join this training to get a detailed overview of the available replication types, get a deep dive of replication options available in PostgreSQL and how they are setup, configured and used optimally with PostgreSQL.

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  • Introduction to replication and its types
  • Database replication and it works
  • Replication options in PostgreSQL
  • Logical replication and its architecture
  • Lets setup and configure replication with PostgreSQL
  • Replication best practices

3 h 30 min
Postgres Digital Training Series
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