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Richard Yen


Richard has been using PostgreSQL since v. 7.4 in 2003. He is a Principal Support Engineer at EnterpriseDB, providing technical support to DBAs and developers around the world, and works with many clients ranging from private corporations to government organizations and financial institutions.

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One of the most important tasks of a DBA or sysadmin is to make sure there is a copy of a database's contents available, either in case of a catastrophic failure or to ensure scalability of the entire application stack. Within the PostgreSQL community, there are several options to choose from for replication, and making the choice isn't always trivial. Several factors need to be considered, ranging from how much of the database needs to be replicated, to how much of a performance hit the entire system can afford. This presentation will walk through some of the most reliable replication engines developed over the years, including PostgreSQL's very own built-in Streaming Replication, and discuss the pros and cons among the major players.

2019 September 20 15:00 PDT
50 min
Winchester (1)
Silicon Valley 2019
Ops and Administration