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  • Avinash Vallarapu (Avi) is the CEO and Co-founder of MigOps, Inc. Before joining MigOps, Avi worked as a Global Services Lead and Product Owner for PostgreSQL services at Percona, Database Architect at OpenSCG and Dell. Avi has a great expertise on Migrations to PostgreSQL. He has a vast experience in technologies like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB for the last 2 decades. He is an avid Python and Golang developer. He has co-authored multiple books on PostgreSQL : Beginning PostgreSQL on Cloud and PostgreSQL 13 Cookbook.

  • He spoke at various PostgreSQL Conferences in the past including -

    • PGCONF India - 2017/2019
    • PGCON Ottawa 2018
    • Percona Live Frankfurt 2018
    • Postgres Conference New York 2019
    • Percona Live Texas 2019
    • Postgres Open Florida 2019
    • Postgres Conference Silicon Valley 2019
    • Percona Live Amsterdam 2019
    • PGCONF India 2020, New York, Percona Live and some more conferences.
  • His areas of expertise are PostgreSQL Migrations, Training and Consulting.

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  • PostgreSQL is an advanced open source database that is completely community driven. Continuous development and performance improvements while making it feature rich gave PostgreSQL a great market penetration. When a database server is deployed in production, it is important to achieve several 9's of availability. It starts with a replication setup that is stable and some tool that could manage a failover transparent to application. This talk starts with a list of replication types in PostgreSQL followed by a detailed understanding of some of the widely used open source tools for high availability and automatic failover in PostgreSQL.

  • ** Following topics will be discussed during this talk - **

    • 1. How the implementation of HA differs for each type of replication available in PostgreSQL
    • 2. How to combine HAproxy with etcd plus a detailed explanation of the RAFT Algorithm for HA using Patroni.
    • 3. What is Patroni, pgpool-II and repmgr and how can they be helpful.
    • 4. Some other tools admins may wish to explore.
    • 5. What are the tools and solutions that help you achieve automatic failover in AWS and other cloud-based environments.
    • 6. How to avoid huge data loss during failover.

2019 September 20 11:10 PDT
50 min
Winchester (1)
Silicon Valley 2019
Ops and Administration