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Armin Nesiren


Armin Nesiren

Armin is passionate software developer and DevOps engineer working for Cybertec (PostgeSQL and Data Science company). Started dealing with database failover and loadbalancing automatisation more than 10 year ago, and since than tried diferent variants, and managed clusters in production envionment.

In later years, he's started working on Kubernetes environment and managed to create and keep some of them in production running diferent kind of software.

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Postgresql running in Kubernetes

We live in Service Oriented Arhitecture at the time, and Postgresql is not omitted. We often need to manage high number of Postgresql instances and to manipulate with them. In the time where we have containers, we are enabled to do that with containers, but we also need to manage containers somehow, to have good options for scalability, load balancing and high availability.

This is where Kuberentes gets in. It enables us to do manage cluster of our own, but yet we need to figure out storage (when we do bare metal), lightweight containers, hight availability between instances.

It would be also nice to make some automatisation for configuration update, cluster update, user management and so on.

Join this journey describing how to prepare Kubernetes, and Postgresql cluster to run on it.

2019 September 20 10:00 PDT
50 min
Winchester (1)
Silicon Valley 2019
Ops and Administration