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Over 150 different relational databases are currently ranked by DB-Engines. With so many options, no wonder picking the “right” database for your new app is challenging.

How do you know which new databases to consider, and how can you evaluate which historical database features—from INGRES to Oracle to NoSQL and beyond—are right for this modern cloud native world?

Join legendary Oracle veteran and Yugabyte co-founder Kannan Muthukkaruppan as he talks us through the journey to transactional databases. More than just a history lesson, he’ll share why there are now so many database options, and how each new category of database was built on the foundations of those before.

Finally, he’ll walk through the database evolution that resulted in the fastest-growing database category—distributed SQL, a database tailor-made for born-in-the-cloud applications.

2023 April 20 13:00 PDT
50 min
Almaden Ballroom, Main Level
Silicon Valley 2023
Yugabyte DSS