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Scott Bellware


Scott Bellware works with software teams on evented and message-based systems, as well as architecture remediation. He’s been on a ten-year mission to incorporate all the good things he’s learned in the distributed systems world with all the good things he’s learned in the mainstream web app world. He's a software professional with 25 years of industry experience, and has been hands-on in virtually every role in a software organization from developer, to QA, to product manager, to CTO. Scott is a co-founder of the open source Eventide Project and Message DB.

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Message DB is a pure-Postgres, open source implementation of the most commonly-used features of dedicated event store technologies like Kafka or EventStoreDB, but with a fraction of the operational burden. If your systems are already well-served by PostgreSQL, then Message DB is an ideal choice for your message-based or event-sourced development needs. Far easier to install and run on both development and production environments, Message DB has become the go-to choice in the Event Sourcing community for systems that don’t have the super-massive scale needs of a LinkedIn or a Twitter.

This presentation provides a brief introduction to fundamental Event Sourcing and Pub/Sub patterns, and details the essential features of a message store, including Message DB’s key server functions, the table design, common storage and retrieval patterns, and the indexes that support them. An interactive demo of two accounting services will be given, with real-time graphical visualization of messages and and events being written to Postgres via the Message DB API. PostgreSQL is a fantastic foundation to power your Event Sourcing and messaging applications. Come see how Message DB can get you started with these techniques, and let you develop and operate solutions on proven database technology. More about Message DB at:


2023 April 21 14:40 PDT
50 min
Santa Clara, Lvl C
Silicon Valley 2023