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Jose Cores Finotto is a Staff Database Reliability Engineer specialized in Infrastructure, leading efforts for the implementation of solutions and integrations between all the infrastructure ecosystem, principally focused on the database aspect. With more than 20 years of experience in development and database administration, Jose is really interested in automation, and the improvement of processes. Our actual goals are to move the administration of relational databases to the next level, considering Kubernetes and semi-auto administration in the future.

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The default Production PostgreSQL is not really batteries included: you need to supplement "core" Postgres with high availability, connection pooling, backups, monitoring and others. You need a Full Stack Postgres for production workloads.

If you run on the cloud, all of this is (should be) provided. But what if you are looking for alternatives and want to self-host? Obviously, you can do it all by hand, but should you?

Consider Kubernetes. Thanks to its API and programmability, operators can provide this same Full Stack Postgres fully automated. The best of both worlds!

Join this talk to see how this can take place with a concrete example: the fully open-source StackGres platform. The presenter will provide a detailed description of the operator, what capabilities it provides, and demonstrate with a live demo how to use it in your own environment.

2023 April 21 09:30 PDT
20 min
San Pedro, Lvl C
Silicon Valley 2023