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Jose Finotto

Gitlab Inc.

Jose Cores Finotto is a Staff Database Reliability Engineer at Gitlab for the Infrastructure department, leading efforts for the implementations of solutions and integrations between all the Gitlab infrastructure ecosystem, in some projects principally focused on the database aspect. With more than 18 years of experience in development and database administration, Jose is really interested in automation, and improvement of processes. Our actual goals are to move the administration of relational databases to the next level, considering kubernetes and auto administration as a further goal.

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This talk aims to present the approach to execute a significant upgrade of PostgreSQL with a use case where the database is under a load of thousands of queries per second, and we could achieve this operation without bringing downtime to the database.

The proposal is not using any third-party component, we are just using our resources from the PostgreSQL open-source ecosystem. We will brainstorm about features or developments that could improve the solution. Join us in this talk for more details!

2023 April 21 09:30 PDT
20 min
San Carlos, Lvl C
Silicon Valley 2023