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Aaron N. Cutshall is an Enterprise Data Architect with almost 40 years of experience in data architecture and analytics and a specialty in Healthcare Informatics. He is a veteran speaker at conferences and user group sessions across the country, covering topics ranging from data modeling and database development to professional skills.

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Teamwork is essential in all areas of our work life, including how we interact with other teams daily. Lessons learned from highly effective teams, such as SEAL Team Six, show six significant impacts on effectiveness: • Chain of Command • Team Cohesion • Standard Operating Procedures • Training • Mission Objectives • After-Action Analysis

Failure in any of these areas can impact team effectiveness. This session explores these six areas to understand what can build or destroy team effectiveness. The exercises and discussions teach several techniques that will enable you to become better leaders, build better teams, and be more effective team members.

2023 April 21 10:00 PDT
1 h 30 min
San Pedro, Lvl C
Silicon Valley 2023