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Jignesh Shah

Amazon Web Services

Jignesh Shah is Senior Software Development Manager for Amazon RDS with Amazon Web Services. At AWS, he works on PostgreSQL engines including Amazon RDS PostgreSQL managed database service. He has worked with PostgreSQL and open-source PostgreSQL community since 2005. He has released application and database lifecycle products using PostgreSQL at appOrbit and VMware. He is an active member of the PostgreSQL community for a long time publishing a first standards accepted benchmark using PostgreSQL when he was at Sun Microsystems. His interests are in Cloud technologies involving Operating Systems, Containers and Databases.

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Upgrading databases can be a painful process that is time consuming and require significant coordination or even downtime. However, upgrades are important because they enhance your database with the latest security patches, performance features, and more. In this session, we will discuss how PostgreSQL upgrades happen in Amazon RDS and the best strategies to plan for your next upgrade. We will highlight best practices when performing one-click upgrades.

2023 April 20 14:10 PDT
50 min
Winchester, Main Level
Silicon Valley 2023
AWS RDS and Aurora