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Mehboob Alam


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Torturing Postgres: extreme autonomous testing for distributed architectures

After 40 years of development, the path is clear. Multi-core architecture and multi-node deployment is key to future scalability and adoption of cloud-native architecture is imperative to keeping Postgres competitive and relevant to the next generation of startups and enterprise needs.

Traditional Postgres testing has always been limited to single-node performance. Does Postgres persist data correctly, handle concurrency without data corruption, and recover from system outages gracefully without losing data (ymmv on this).

At OrioleDB, we are building the next generation of storage engine architectures that will help transform Postgres into a scalable and resilient data management platform, using Postgres's Table Access Method extensibility framework.

In this talk Mehboob Alam will share lessons learned from applying novel autonomous testing techniques to Postgres in the pursuit of providing a scalable, distributed architecture. In this session you will learn how Postgres and other distributed architectures are inherently challenging to test; indeed, the most-frequently used testing methods are unable to resolve the challenges posed by distributed systems. However, by leveraging a suite of autonomous testing techniques found in the Antithesis platform, a distributed, fault tolerant Postres architecture is well within reach.

Come and join us and learn how to plan for this future.

2023 April 20 15:20 PDT
20 min
Winchester, Main Level
Silicon Valley 2023