Sangwook (Shawn) Kim is a co-founder and CEO at Apposha, which is building PostgreSQL extension for scalable file I/O. Before founding Apposha, Sangwook worked at Computer Systems Laboratory in Sunkyunkwan University. His main work was developing operating system-level techniques for database performance. Specifically, Sangwook has over 9 years experience in analyzing and optimizing Linux kernel for open source databases including PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis.

He spoke at various PostgreSQL Conferences in the past including -

PGDay Seoul - 2017

PGConf Asia - 2017

PGDay Seoul - 2018

PGConf Asia - 2019

Postgres Conference Silicon Valley - 2019

PGDay Seoul - 2019

PGConf Russia - 2020

Sangwook Kim presents 2 Events: