John Ashmead has been working with relational databases since the 1980's, building & repairing databases in Informix, Mistress, Oracle, 4th Dimension, Omnis, and Ingres (a predecessor to PostgreSQL).

For most of his career he has been a consultant, but for the last four years he has been the DBA & database developer at Nistica, a leading manufacturer of Optical Switches. John is in charge of the care & feeding of Nistica's manufacturing database Zeppelin. Zeppelin is written in PostgreSQL. The front end is written (mostly) in Ruby-on-Rails with bits in Java, bash, ruby, awk, .... Zeppelin is distributed across a number of Linux servers, some in Vietnam, some in Japan, and some in New Jersey.

His talk will be about what he & Nistica have learned about how to make this work reasonably well and what not to do.

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