Kevin is the founder and Chief Data Architect for ProPAAS (Professional PostgreSQL As A Service), a PostgreSQL Managed Services Company.

He has worked in IT since 1990 and has been working with databases since 1995. In the mid 1990's Kevin worked for Informix, serving as a Principal Consultant in the Informix Data Warehouse Group. Additionally he has experience with many RDBMS platforms, including Oracle, DB2, MySQL and SQL Server.

Kevin has experience in many database driven environments and industries including Telco, Finance, Science (NASA) and eCommerce. As a Database / Data Architect he has developed deep expertise in Database Administration, Database Development and Data Warehouse / Big Data Architectures.

Kevin has been specializing in PostgreSQL since 2004 and today manages the ProPAAS Team, leads platform conversions, and delivers ProPAAS public training.

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