The emotion of gathering less and leaving more spread from the chest to the body. He said seriously, "That's a vegetable, not an enemy. How can you gnash your teeth?". Come on, I'll give you a demonstration. Pay attention to the main points of action! Between the words, it has been cut neatly. Unexpectedly, his knife skills were so good that Mu Ke looked at them carefully,wire mesh decking, learned them modestly, and then cut them in exchange for someone's sincere praise.How come your stomach has not been raised by Ya Yan? My uncle has only tasted Ya Yan's craft a few times, but it is hard for me to swallow what I have made. It is a blow to my enthusiasm for life." He Hongxun raised his eyes, took a satisfied sip of soup, warehouse storage racks ,asrs warehouse, and said carelessly, "If I have the same standard as him, you will have to stay at home!" Then he taught him how to change his head portrait, set up his signature, send information, chat and so on, which made someone speechless. After taking a glance at the QQ number and keeping it in mind, He Hongxun turned off the computer and reminded him with a straight face: "Little Comrade,warehouse pallet racks, any how I am so highly educated, andcan'tgosofarashavenonotion ofsuchthings."At least I have received higher education, so I can't even figure out things at this level.