disc air diffuser ,Rotating sludge scraper, for your timely rescue. Otherwise, Simo would really be ashamed of Your Majesty." Xue Wanche, the deputy governor of Puzhou, snorted. He was the third brother of Xue Wanjun, who attacked Gaochang last time. He was one of the four heroes, and all of them were strong generals of the Tang Dynasty. He really looked down on Ashina Simo, a hollow Khan who had been defeated repeatedly. Ashina Simo was so embarrassed that he steeled himself and said, "Your Excellency, stay in the camp and rest. Simo ordered people to prepare water and wine to celebrate." Li Shi said quietly, "Khan said too early, magnanimously set the main force to escape, if not completely annihilated, I am afraid it will be unfavorable to Khan again." Ashina Simo looked frightened. "Will Lord Shangshu continue to attack the enemy?" "The Khan can rest easy," said Li Shih. "The emperor has sent Zhang Jian, the military governor of Yingzhou, with his cavalry and Xi, (the two sides of this tribe are fighting), and the Khitan to the east of Xueyantuo. Li Daliang, the general of the Right Guard, is in charge of the March of Lingzhou Road. He has 40,000 soldiers and 5,000 cavalry, and is in charge of Lingwu. Zhang Shigui, the general of the Right Guard, has 17,000 soldiers, who are in charge of the; Over the past few days, the officers and men have been riding, fighting, and chasing. They haven't closed their eyes for a few days. Except for the soldiers on patrol, they are all so tired that they fall to sleep. Huan She laboriously took off a suit of armor,MBR reactor, heavy sweat had already formed hard ice in the armor, and threw it on the frozen soil with a bang. The cat sat by the bonfire, watching the black flags on all sides set up by his son's general manager flying in the evening wind of the grassland. khnwatertreatment.com