Assistance Programme and effective and compassionate people management processes. Workers may come to work even though they are unwell because they are concerned that if they disclose a mental health problem, they will face prejudice. Reduced productivity costs UK businesses up to £15 billion a year. Employers used to focus on health benefits when talking about employee wellbeing. Nowadays, we know that employee wellbeing is more than just absence of illness among employees. Mental health conditions are a leading cause of sickness absence in the UK (ranked after minor illnesses and musculoskeletal problems). More than 17.5 million absence days were attributed to stress, anxiety and depression in 2018 (ONS, 2019). Organisations now need to be on the front-foot of employee wellbeing, ensuring that environments, processes and strategies bring out the best in people. Leaving it to chance is no longer an option. An opinion on employers duty of care mental health is undoubtebly to be had in every workplace in the country.