shocking the world, famous all over the world, and famous far and The Supreme Elder is still standing in the void. Overlooking all living beings, the tone is indifferent. After he said these words, he was only silent for a moment, and then he said: "This time,Warehouse storage racks, you need to do.". Is to condense a drop of blood, with their own control, put it into the blood soul altar can be. In this order, there is no priority, and all geniuses can be expressed together. You can also look at other people's performance first. The Taishang elder finished, glanced at Li Xiao, his face was still not sad or happy, and he could not see any emotional changes. After his words fell, Yan Jiuhuang was the first to come out and raised his hand to shoot a bloody arrow at the altar of the blood soul. This blood light moment into the blood soul altar, then at this time,pipe cantilever rack, the blood soul altar suddenly shook open, a blood light such as Optimus Prime directly through heaven and earth, emitting dazzling blood light! genius came out immediately. This man's name is Hua Qingyin. He did not have any superfluous movements, but stepped forward, Narrow aisle rack ,Steel racking system, punched out,peared, and Li Xiao felt that the altar of the blood soul had suddenly encountered a very terrible thing, and suddenly rose to the sky and swelled up,Drive in racking system, directly blocking the sun, spitting out the light of a sea of blood, burying heaven and earth. This change even shocked Li Xiao!.