Original title: Jiurong, a label manufacturer, explains the difference between four-color label printing and spot color printing Spot color refers to the printing process that uses inks other than C, M,keychain tape measure, Y and K inks or uses C, M,garment measuring tape, Y and K inks to mix a single ink to reproduce colors. Packaging printing often uses spot colors to print large areas of background colors. So what kind of products will use spot color? The covers of packaged products or books and periodicals are often composed of uniform color blocks of different colors or regular gradient display and text. These color blocks and text can be separated after the use of four primary color ink collision. You can also mix spot-color ink printing, and then print only one spot-color ink at the same color block. In the case of improving printing quality and saving the number of overprints, it is sometimes necessary to choose spot color ink to print. Four colors (usually composed of dots) are C, printed tape measure ,tailor measure tape, M, Y, K inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) to reproduce the various colors of the original color printing process.