Luo Changning's expression was even more complicated. Chu Tong thought he didn't understand, so he explained,fish measuring tape, "There are some obstacles in explaining that aspect. Well, it's almost like a person." Luo Changning: ".." "I don't think so." Luo Changning felt it necessary to refute a sentence, but Chu Tong was very firm and thought that the original cat was a personality. Cold . Light 。“ But now that it's normal, I have to take it for birth control. Chu Tong pinched each other's soft paws and said with a smile. They began to chat one by one. Generally Chu Tong ten minutes will reply once, Luo Changning unexpectedly also is willing to wait, this lets Chu Tong strange feel embarrassed, as if oneself has not lived up to opposite party's sentiment. During the noon break, Chu Tong returned the magazine to the girl and asked, "Teacher, do you have a girlfriend?" "No." Chu Tong doesn't know why. Who are you talking to? Return the second. Not only the girl found it, but also many people in the studio found it. After all, Chu Tong usually stays at home, Fiberglass tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, and there is no one else on WeChat except his parents. Draw well, do you still want to test X beauty? Chu Tong deliberately kept a straight face, and as a result, no one would eat his set. Have lunch, still let us live, I dream of painting now, the pressure is too great. Some students Tucao finished, everyone echoed, Chu Tong is also from this period to survive, naturally understand the hard work, also did not mention this matter. The students began to talk endlessly, but to tell the truth, Chu Tong is very attractive, after all,Horse weight lbs, good-looking, especially the eyes, look at people have the feeling of deer hitting the chest.