Poison gas Two people no longer stay, call out the magic bone bird, continue to move forward. The more dense the leaves around, the more humid and hot the air, secondary containment pallet ,plastic pallet bins, and the day turned to night, the sky that had been covered was darker, and things around it could not be seen clearly. Lifting a big leaf, Lou He seemed to say, "But this way?" Xiaoxiang still frowned and said, "I'm afraid I lost my way.." Lou He seemed to see a big tree on his right. "Tonight,plastic pallet suppliers, we can only take a nap. You and I take turns keeping vigil. Do you hear me?" "Why take turns?" Xiaoxiang said with a smile. "I'll keep watch." "Lies," said Lou He with a smile! "If you don't agree, I'll watch first and you sleep." 。 binpallet.com