Postgres Conference 2024 Speaker Spotlight: Peter Celentano

Debra Cerda    |    April 17, 2024

As part of the countdown to Postgres Conference 2024, learn more about the engaging content and our speakers for this year in our Speaker Spotlight Series.

Peter Celentano is a Senior Specialist Solutions Architect, specializing in RDS PostgreSQL and Aurora PostgreSQL. Collaborating with AWS clients, he crafts scalable, secure, performant, and resilient cloud-based database architectures.

Peter will present "PostgreSQL Architecture Considerations for Application Developers". Read what Peter has to say about Postgres and why to attend their session:

Why should attendees come to your talk at Postgres Conference 2024? What would you like for them to take away from your session?
So much content in the PostgreSQL sphere focuses on the DBA best practices and how-to's, but not much exists by comparison for the database developer. In my talk, we'll discuss key PostgreSQL concepts and database architecture (and why app developers should care). I hope folks that attend my talk take away lessons learned from the field and some best practices which they may not be aware of yet.

What is your favorite aspect of Postgres Conference?
Meeting community experts and customers whom I've met virtually (but not yet in person).

What advice would you have for a Computer Science graduate or entry-level developer who is interested in learning and engaging with Postgres and other open source technologies?
The documentation for PostgreSQL is excellent (by comparison to many other open source projects). Spin up an ec2 instance, install PostgreSQL, and start figuring out how it works! You'll always learn more by breaking something and figuring out how to fix it then by reading about it in a book! Don't forget to vacuum!!

How do you see the use of open source technologies evolving over the next five years?
I see the development of better open source LLMs and hardware to back them. And eventually, deeper integration with GenAI in the Postgres core.

What considerations should be taken for the adoption and use of Postgres and related open source technologies?
Streamlining the patch review/approval process, allowing for faster innovation in Postgres core (without compromising on security and stability)

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