Pivotal Sponsor Highlight Blog for PostgresConf Silicon Valley 2019

Bob Glithero    |    September 10, 2019

As part of the countdown to PostgresConf Silicon Valley, learn more about featured Partner Sponsor Pivotal, including their commitment to partnering with and contributing to the Postgres community.

Tell us about your commitment to the PostgreSQL Community.

For those who haven’t heard of us, Greenplum is PostgreSQL massively scaled specifically for analytics. We’ve optimized PostgreSQL for complex analytic queries on text, graph, geospatial, and structured business data.  Via free, open-source Apache MADlib, Python, and R libraries, Greenplum is also capable of in-database machine learning and deep learning, and in our latest version we support distributed execution of Keras/Tensorflow along with GPU acceleration.   Our blog highlights  everything that’s new in our latest version (6.0).

Moreover, we now also offer a commercially-supported version of open-source PostgreSQL based on v11. 

At Pivotal, every product we build is based on open-source, and we’re committed to the viability of the PostgreSQL community.  There are over 100 engineers at Pivotal that contribute to the community, and we’ve made a number of contributions to v11.  We’re currently working on contributions for things like a column store, parallel grouping sets, and improvements to PL/R performance.

You can join our very active community at Greenplum.org.

What is the best thing about working with the Postgres community?

We’re excited to be part of one of the most successful, longest-running open-source projects.   We enjoy the camaraderie and solidarity of the community, and the willingness of participants to engage, share and collaborate.

We have a large community of PostgreSQL experts at Pivotal – we’ve been working with it for over 15 years – and we’re always interested in adding to it.  Please visit our careers page for more information!

Why is Postgres an ideal foundation to build on?

It’s open source, is proven by a large number of commercial deployments, and has an active community. The ecosystem and the many tools and extensions were incredibly valuable to help us accelerate innovation faster than we could on our own.  We plan to be part of this community for the long haul.

Why should you attend PostgresConf Silicon Valley 2019 in San Jose?

The PostgresConf events in general are great for learning and collaboration.  You can learn from people using Postgres to solve meaningful problems in production, and you make relationships that will last throughout your entire career.    If you haven’t been before, we heartily recommend that you join us here!

 See you at PostgresConf Silicon Valley 2019!


Bob Glithero, Head of Product Marketing for Pivotal Greenplum