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David Steele

Crunchy Data Solutions

David Steele is Senior Data Architect at Crunchy Data Solutions, the PostgreSQL company for secure enterprises. He has been actively developing with PostgreSQL since 1999.

David loves taking on big data challenges. Until recently he was Data Architect at Resonate, an online media company using PostgreSQL to drive its transactional and data warehousing databases. Before that, he helped drive global mobile text messaging at Sybase365.

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Many of us have had auditors ask for information that is difficult to provide with core PostgreSQL. Who made changes to table X in the last six months? When was table Y's DDL last modified and was that during a maintenance window? Who has viewed table Z? An extension available for PostgreSQL 9.5, pgAudit, seeks to answer these and many other questions by providing more detailed logging and finer control of what is logged than is currently available. This talk will examine pgAudit design and usage before presenting practical examples.

50 min
PGConf US 2017 [PgConf.US]