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Debra Cerda

Command Prompt, Inc.

Debra is Director of Client Success & Compliance at Command Prompt Inc., supporting clients service and project needs for PostgreSQL consulting including database architecture, management, and optimization.

Debra has a Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology. She has 25 years of experience in data acquisition, analysis, and management as well as project management and RDBMS development in both private and government sectors in the water industry.

Debra is an open source and PostgreSQL advocate, having volunteered for various Postgres events and organizations including serving of the Board of the U.S. PostgreSQL Association. She is an organizer of the Austin Postgres Meetup Group, and Postgres Conference Series, and serves as lead of the Postgres Conference Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative Workgroup for Postgres Conference series.

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Background to present/questions to be answered: What is the difference between a contributor and a committer? What are the differences and collaboration between the U.S. PostgreSQL Association, PostgreSQL Europe, and the PostgreSQL Global Development Group? Where can I find PostgreSQL resources? How can I be involved? Challenges exist in our community in in on-boarding new members whether as advocates or contributors. These challenges can be addressed by creating inclusive content and diverse opportunities for users and developers at experience levels and skill sets. There are many ways to contribute to open source beyond contributing code or technical documentation – project managers, advocates, users all play an integral role in unified open source communities.An open source software or platform is only as strong as the community and companies that support it.

50 min
PGConf US 2017 [PgConf.US]
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