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Tess Rinearson is a software engineer at Chain, where she works on Chain Core, an open source, enterprise-grade blockchain.

Previously, Tess was a full-stack engineer at Medium. At Medium, she helped build the social graph service and other infrastructure.

In 2014, Tess was named one of the “100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter” by Business Insider. She studied computer science at the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University.

Chain’s enterprise blockchain networks use Postgres for storage. We rely on Postgres’s replication features to ensure that clients can always access their assets and create transactions, and wrote a service that manages Postgres replicas. This service was heavily inspired by Joyent’s Manatee project, but uses different technology; namely, Go and etcd instead of Node and Zookeeper. In this talk, we’ll cover how we use etcd to coordinate replicas in our high-availability management system. We’ll talk about how we configured both etcd and Postgres, walk through the high-level design as well as some code, demonstrate failover, and show how blockchain services communicate with this system.

50 min
PGConf US 2017 [PgConf.US]