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Anastasia Lubennikova

Postgres Professional

Anastasia is a graduate of the NRNU MEPhI with a B.S. in Applied Math and Informatics in 2015. She participated GSoC with PostgreSQL in 2014. Her primary interests are indexes and optimal data structures. Anastasia is a developer at Postgres Professional. Anastasia also coordinates "Hacking PostgreSQL" course, where has lectures about different subsystems, details of their implementation and tips for new developers.

Aleksander is a software developer with about 10 years of experience. He is an OSS- and FP-enthusiast, blogger, podcaster, contributor to PostgreSQL, FreeBSD, CouchDB and various other open source projects. Currently Aleksander works in Postgres Professional company as a full-time PostgreSQL developer.

Currently PostgreSQL doesn't compress data in many cases when it's possible and can significantly reduce not only disk and memory usage but also number of IO operations. A common view on this problem is that it can be solved on file system level. Unfortunately in Linux, which is probably a most commonly used server OS these days, corresponding file systems are either not yet ready for usage in production environment or can't achieve same compression ratio that can be achieved on DBMS level. In this talk we will present our patches that implement page compression on disk and, optionally, in memory; a ZSON extension that implement transparent JSONB compression; in what situation it is better to use what kind of compression; and also discuss experience of using compression in production environment.

2017 March 29 10:30 EDT
50 min
Liberty I
PGConf US 2017 [PgConf.US]