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Gavin M. Roy

AWeber Communications

Gavin M. Roy has over 25 years of experience in the Internet industry as a CTO, CIO, VP or Architecture and technology leader. Gavin has been responsible for the technical architecture and operational stability of several large-scale web properties. Gavin is the author of RabbitMQ in Depth (ISBN 1617291005) and currently the VP of Architecture at AWeber Communications.

Gavin is currently active in several open source projects and communities including Erlang, Python, Go, PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ. As a contributor to the PostgreSQL community, Gavin has been the keynote speaker at pgCon, the annual PostgreSQL developer conference. Gavin is a member of several professional organizations including the EEF, PSF, MAAWG and the IEEE.

At first blush, running PostgreSQL in the cloud can be a scary proposition. When using Amazon Web Services RDS for PostgreSQL, one loses low-level control for the operational management of PostgreSQL. Conversely, when you go in understanding the shortcomings and how to work around them, it can be a very liberating experience. In 2016, I became a cloud convert. Where I was hesitant to embrace Postgres in the cloud, I now endorse the operational outsourcing RDS provides. In this talk I will explain the path that I took to get here. Moving 15 TB of heavy OLTP data to PostgreSQL in AWS was not without pains, problems, and compromises. This talk will provide a realistic view of running PostgreSQL in AWS, detailing design considerations, operational challenges, and the numerous upsides that can be found.

50 min
PGConf US 2017 [PgConf.US]