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Phil Vacca

Mitel Networks

Phil Vacca has been designing highly scalable applications for years. He has worked for and consulted with enterprises of vast and varied data needs, including some of the nation's largest insurers, defense industries, telecom providers, and many others. While always happy to build and improve Production facing applications, his favorite projects involve data warehousing and analysis. Currently he leads an effort at Mitel Networks to move all enterprise data to a single, streaming event-fed data lake, and a relational data warehouse built on the Postgres fork, Amazon Redshift.

Phil is an active speaker, and can be found extolling the virtues of the world's most advanced open source database as a member of pgMKE, the Milwaukee area PostgreSQL Users Group.

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All The Updates In the World: Continuous Delivery on a Billion Row Database

A familiar world of magnificent waterfalls has slowly disappeared. Where once it was a rare occasion to see code released into the wild - in vast chunks and suddenly - we now strive to push the smallest features out as they are committed.

It's a lovely dream. Immediately from code-commit, our man Jenkins whisks it off to Production where it's running before you can blink. Servers have yielded to stateless containers, which yield now to serverless functions to invoke on demand.

But it all falls apart with the king of stateful applications, the database. With its table locks and temporary storage, it has always been a deployment bottleneck, and our billion row Data Warehouse was no different.

Join me as I explain how we targeted this bottleneck, and massively reduced the pain of deploying schema changes to Production.

20 min
PostgresConf US 2018
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