PostgresConf US 2018 Program

James Finnerty Aurora PostgreSQL Tutorial and Extended Deep Dive
Extended deep-dive with hands-on lab

presented by James Finnerty

In this training session we will be combining an extended deep dive on the Aurora architecture along with a hands on lab using Aurora PostgreSQL. As part of the deep dive we will cover the unique features and changes that combine to produce improved scalability, availability and durability. In addition, you will get hands on experience creating an Aurora PostgreSQL cluster, configuring that clu...


09:00 - 12:00 America Cloud
Bruce Momjian Mastering PostgreSQL Administration

presented by Bruce Momjian

This talk is designed for PostgreSQL administrators. It covers all aspects of PostgreSQL administration, including installation, security, file structure, configuration, reporting, backup, daily maintenance, monitoring activity, disk space computations, and disaster recovery. It shows how to control host connectivity, configure the server, find the query being run by each session, and find th...


09:00 - 12:00 Liberty II Operations and Administration
Thomas Limoncelli Personal Time Management
The Basics for Overloaded People

presented by Thomas Limoncelli

Whether you are a dba, sysadmin, dev, or ops, time management can be more difficult than any technology issue. This class is for new and junior system admins that have found themselves over their head, overloaded, and looking for a better way to survive the tech world.

This tutorial presents fundamental techniques for eliminating interruptions and distractions so you have more time for proje...


CANCELED 09:00 - 12:00 Enterprise Operations and Administration
Alexis Guajardo  Gabi Ferrara High Availability PostgreSQL and Kubernetes with Google Cloud
Get to know Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL by building a meme generator

presented by Alexis Guajardo and Gabi Ferrara

Learn about containerized application management and managed database services by quickly developing a web-based application using Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL. Kubernetes Engine enables rapid application development and iteration by making it easy to deploy, update and manage your applications and services. Cloud SQL makes it easy to set up, manage, and administer your Postgres dat...


09:00 - 12:00 Liberty III Development
Alvaro Hernandez Pablo González Doval Tutorial on Modern PostgreSQL High Availability
BYOL -- Bring Your Own Laptop!

presented by Alvaro Hernandez and Pablo González Doval

It’s 3am. Your phone rings. PostgreSQL is down, you need to promote a replica to master. Why the h**l isn’t this automatic?

If you thought of this before, you want automatic High Availability (HA). Don’t miss this tutorial! We will enter the world of Modern PostgreSQL HA.

Good news, there are several new, “modern” solutions for PostgreSQL HA. However, there are several solutions and it's ...


09:00 - 12:00 Liberty I Operations and Administration
PostgresConf Organizers Monday Lunch

presented by PostgresConf Organizers

Interact with your fellow attendees while having something to eat.

12:00 - 13:00 Newport Grand Ballroom
PostgresConf Organizers Tuesday Lunch

presented by PostgresConf Organizers

Interact with your fellow attendees while having something to eat.

12:00 - 13:00 Newport Grand Ballroom
Mark Porter Amazon and PostgreSQL: Better together

presented by Mark Porter

Come hear what Amazon has planned for PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, and how we are working with the open source community. You’ll hear about how Amazon is helping customers move from commercial databases to open source ones (especially our favorite elephant-based database) and how we are working to re-think databases to have all the best features of a utility in terms of availability, durability, ...


09:20 - 09:40 Newport Grand Ballroom
Scott Yara Data Tells the Story

presented by Scott Yara

With Big Data, Cloud, “Software’s Eating the World”, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and every other technology trend – there is one constant: data. Data has been, and will continue to be, at the heart of technology innovation and progress. Data and the associated gathering and analysis gives companies, organizations, governments, and individuals the opportunity to tell the stor...


09:50 - 10:10 Newport Grand Ballroom Data
PostgresConf Organizers Break

presented by PostgresConf Organizers

Take a break

10:10 - 10:30 Newport Grand Ballroom
Will Leinweber Constraints: a Developer's Secret Weapon

presented by Will Leinweber

Of all my regrets while building database-backed applications, not fully embracing database constraints sooner is one of the bigger ones. For far too long, I treated the db as a little more than a dumb key-value store with joins.

Strong constraints turn your database into the last line of defense against bad data. Applications change several orders of magnitude more often than db schemas, a...


10:30 - 11:20 America Development
Tim Gorman Reducing The Surface Area Of Risk In Data Security
Data Masking

presented by Tim Gorman

Data masking, also known as data obfuscation, is likely to become a new legal requirement in the near future. Masking is the solution for non-production systems (i.e. DEV, TEST, etc) to greatly reduce the surface area of risk for data breach in your organization. By eliminating non-production systems as a possible data security risk, you can now concentrate all efforts to protect sensitive and ...


10:30 - 10:50 Liberty I Data
 Erik Brandsberg Automated Postgres Failover and Caching with Zero Code Changes
Improve application performance and reliability in minutes without the development work

presented by Erik Brandsberg

In this session, we will demonstrate how to implement failover (like PGPool-II) in minutes while adding automated caching for improved performance. Additional topics include monitoring, analyzing query performance, and read/write split to leverage read-only servers. Supported databases include open source Postgres, Greenplum, AWS Aurora for Postgres, and others, without change...


10:30 - 11:20 Enterprise Operations and Administration
Ivan Novick A Regulatory Tale for Financial Services and Government

presented by Ivan Novick

Regulations are part of life in financial services organizations. Regulations serve the purpose of ensuring orderly operation of the local and global financial systems. The regulatory burden produces work and activity required by both the regulated and the regulators to comply and measure compliance. Having the right technical and data strategy can make organizations successful in the face of r...


10:30 - 11:20 Liberty II-III Regulated Industry Summit
Heikki Heikki Linnakangas Greenplum Overview for Postgres Hackers

presented by Heikki Heikki Linnakangas

Greenplum is an MPP-database, based on Postgres. It was forked from Postgres almost ten years ago, and was open sourced in 2016. This presentation will give an introduction to the Greenplum architecture and main concepts that have been added to Greenplum to make it MPP-aware.

10:30 - 11:20 Freedom Postgres Internals
Jason Yee Monitoring PostgreSQL 101
Ensuring performance & resiliency at scale

presented by Jason Yee

At Datadog we handle trillions of points of data per day from the thousands of customers that rely on us to monitor their applications and infrastructure. In this session, I’ll share how we’ve scaled PostgreSQL to not only handle the deluge of data, but how we’ve made our PostgreSQL systems more resilient.

I’ll also discuss which metrics to watch and how troubleshooting based on those metric...


11:00 - 11:20 Liberty I Use Cases
Oskari Saarenmaa Building data pipelines with PostgreSQL and Kafka
Using PostgreSQL to analyze a live Kafka stream

presented by Oskari Saarenmaa

Apache Kafka is a high-performance open-source stream processing platform for collecting and processing large numbers of messages in real-time. It's used in an increasingly large number of data pipelines to handle events such as website click streams, transactions and other telemetry in real-time and at scale.

This session focuses on connecting Kafka and PostgreSQL to automatically update a ...


11:30 - 12:20 Liberty I Data
Michael Meskes Taking care of the elephant
The whys and hows of Elephant Shed

presented by Michael Meskes

The Elephant Shed is an Open Source PostgreSQL Appliance that bundles and integrates proven components, required for easy management of a PostgreSQL server. Proven tools for all relevant aspects are already preinstalled and preconfigured. The majority of these tools can be controlled via a comfortable web interface. Even experienced PostgreSQL administrators will hardly find an area not covered...


11:30 - 12:20 Enterprise Operations and Administration
Paul Ramsey PostGIS Gotchas
The things you didn’t know that lead to confusion and dismay

presented by Paul Ramsey

PostGIS adds spatial types to the database, so they can be used “just like any other type”. But unfortunately, spatial types aren’t quite like other types: they’re bigger, they require a lot of complicated algorithms to reason with, and they are built against an implicit model of the world that is generally understood by GIS people but can be a foreign world to database people. This can lead to...


11:30 - 12:20 Freedom Postgres Internals
Steve Downs How FINRA is Migrating to Postgres

presented by Steve Downs

FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) will discuss how they migrate to Postgres

11:30 - 12:20 Liberty II-III Regulated Industry Summit
Michael Freedman TimescaleDB: Re-engineering PostgreSQL as a time-series database

presented by Michael Freedman

Time-series data is now everywhere -- IoT, user event streams, system monitoring, finance, adtech, industrial control, transportation, and logistics -- and increasingly used to power core applications. It also creates a number of technical challenges: to ingest high volumes of structured data; to ask complex, performant queries for both recent and historical time intervals; to perform specializ...


11:30 - 12:20 America Development
PostgresConf Organizers Wednesday Lunch I

presented by PostgresConf Organizers

Interact with your fellow attendees while having something to eat.

12:20 - 13:20 Newport Grand Ballroom
Jan Wieck Understanding PostgreSQL IO
An in depth look into how your IO capacity is used

presented by Jan Wieck

Like any database, PostgreSQL is very dependent on the system's IO. In many situation's a poor performing database is directly related to how PostgreSQL is reading or writing to the disk and using memory. A key factor in improving performance is understanding how PostgreSQL is interacting with these resources.

In this talk I will discuss the interactions between shared buffers, OS buffers, ...


12:30 - 13:20 Freedom Postgres Internals
Bruce Momjian Postgres Window Magic

presented by Bruce Momjian

Normal SQL queries return rows where each row is independent of the other returned rows. SQL window functions allow queries to return computed columns based on values in other rows in the result set. This presentation explains the many window function facilities and how they can be used to produce useful SQL query results.

This presentation needs 65 minutes so has to be before lunch, a brea...


12:30 - 13:20 America Development
Kaarel Moppel Professional PostgreSQL monitoring made easy with pgwatch2

presented by Kaarel Moppel

The talk firstly introduces all pertinent levels of database monitoring and then focuses on PostgreSQL and the means it provides. As the Postgres community has already developed a lot of tools in that area, some most popular approaches are explained, together with the problems that different approaches have. To overcome some of these problems a relatively new Open Source tool called "pgwatch2" ...


12:30 - 12:50 Enterprise Operations and Administration
Howard Goldberg Greenplum: A Pivotal Moment on Wall Street

presented by Howard Goldberg

Greenplum is an open source MPP database optimized for petabyte-sized data stores. Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) is a leading global financial services firm providing investment banking, securities, wealth management and investment management services. This talk will illustrate how Morgan Stanley has utilized Greenplum for various use cases and the lessons learned in managing an ever increasing pro...


09:20 - 09:40 Liberty II-III Greenplum Summit
Shaun Litt Greenplum for Internet Scale Analytics and Mining

presented by Shaun Litt

Conversant is the industry's most powerful personalized digital media company. Conversant processes billions of requests each and every day on behalf of our advertisers. In this session, we will cover how we handle these volumes and some of our analytical solutions on Greenplum Database to support our business insights and customer analytics products.

In order for marketing to work effective...


09:50 - 10:10 Liberty II-III Greenplum Summit
Christopher Travers PostgreSQL at 20TB and Beyond
Analytics at a Massive Scale

presented by Christopher Travers

In the last six months I have been working as a database administrator in a 400TB analytics environment built entirely on stock PostgreSQL with local enhancements. Come and listen to the problems we have encountered, problems we are still solving, and solutions we use to deliver analytics at this scale.

Topics will include how and why we use C-language extensions, scaling challenges, and mo...


09:50 - 10:40 Freedom Use Cases
Arjun Narayan How to Benchmark the Next Generation of Databases

presented by Arjun Narayan

Industry standard benchmarks are a critical part of measuring any database’s progress, and the next generation of cloud-native databases are no exception. NoSQL (YCSB), OLTP (TPC-C) and OLAP (TPC-H) benchmarks can be useful in testing incremental layers, but they don’t provide a complete picture of the operational complexity of running a globally distributed database cluster.

In this talk ...


09:50 - 10:40 Liberty I Cloud
Andreas Scherbaum Tour de Data Types: VARCHAR2 or CHAR(255)?

presented by Andreas Scherbaum

Ever wondered what might be the best data type for a certain use case? Is it better to use INTEGER or BIGINT, and should you use TIMESTAMP or is it better to use TIMESTAMPTZ? When is the last time you migrated a legacy database and wondered what to use as replacement for VARCHAR2 or CHAR(255)? How to store IP addresses or geographical data, does that fit into VARCHAR or is there something more ...


09:50 - 10:40 America Development
JP Phillips So you wanna run your database on Kubernetes?

presented by JP Phillips

Kubernetes has grown to handle all kinds of workloads. The ability to easily deploy a stateful system has never been easier, but the question that remains is, just because we can do something doesn't mean we should do it. We'll explore the myriads of ways people are deploying PostgreSQL on Kubernetes and then look beyond the system post-provision. What are the things you must have to effect...


09:50 - 10:40 Enterprise Operations and Administration
Jacque Istok Stephen O'Grady Shaun Litt Niels Kasch Executive Panel: DataOps In Practice - A Better Way to Develop and Deliver Analytics

presented by Jacque Istok, Stephen O'Grady, Shaun Litt, and Niels Kasch

Jacque Istok, Head of Data at Pivotal, will moderate a panel discussion with senior data practitioners on massively operationalizing analytics on the Greenplum database.

10:20 - 10:40 Liberty II-III Greenplum Summit
Joshua D. Drake The Power of Postgres Logical Replication

presented by Joshua D. Drake

One of the most soft after features of Postgres v10 is logical replication. In this presentation we will cover the following topics:

  • What is Logical Replication
  • How does it work
  • Configuring
  • Limitations
  • Security
  • Example Architecture
  • Neat Features
  • Upcoming features in Postgres v11

CANCELED 10:50 - 11:40 Enterprise Operations and Administration
George Fraser Warehouse Benchmark: Redshift vs BigQuery vs Snowflake
Dive into the results of an independent benchmark that is representative of real-world users

presented by George Fraser

Benchmarks are all about making choices: what kind of data will I use? How much? What queries will users run? How you make these choices matter a lot: change your assumptions and the fastest warehouse can become the slowest. 

In this session, we will compare the three major cloud warehousing solutions, Redshift, BigQuery, and Snowflake and explain the method we used to measure the speed and ...


10:50 - 11:40 Liberty I Cloud
Pravin Rao Randy Willard What It Means to Be a Massively Parallel Postgres DBA

presented by Pravin Rao and Randy Willard

Join us as we explore similarities and differences between Postgres and Pivotal Greenplum from a DBA’s perspective. This session will cover some of the basics and inner workings of Pivotal Greenplum, a massively parallel processing (MPP) data analytics platform based on the Open Source Greenplum Database project. We will explore MPP concepts, such as data distribution and segmentation, as well ...


10:50 - 11:40 Liberty II-III Greenplum Summit
Sehrope Sarkuni ANSI, Schmansi!
How I learned to stop worrying and love Postgres-isms

presented by Sehrope Sarkuni

PostgreSQL is the most advanced open source database and also one of the most standards compliant. But it also has a number of very useful non-standard features that make impossible things doable and hard things easy.

In this talk we'll go into PostgreSQL-specific features with a focus on real world development and how you can leverage these features in your own applications.

10:50 - 11:40 America Development
Pilar de Teodoro Distributing postgres with postgres-XL for very large astronomical databases

presented by Pilar de Teodoro

When working with databases larger than 10TB that will be heavily read, it is necessary to find different options to improve efficiency, performance and maintainability. In the archives of the European Space Agency, where PostgreSQL is widely used, we have investigated different distributed flavours being postgres-XL the solution that so far is meeting our requirements better. The results of th...


10:50 - 11:10 Freedom Use Cases
Malcolm McLean PostgreSQL in a geographically distributed realtime transactional system
Selectively replicating data across geographically distributed servers

presented by Malcolm McLean

How and why we utilise PostgreSQL, our specific requirements for replication, how we handle it, what alternatives we looked at and what we are investigating for the future.

Our system is a geographically distributed system across multiple countries where data needs to be selectively replicated between each set of servers based on that country's legislation and failover requirements. This pos...


11:20 - 11:40 Freedom Use Cases
PostgresConf Organizers Thursday Lunch I

presented by PostgresConf Organizers

Interact with your fellow attendees while having something to eat.

11:50 - 12:50 Newport Grand Ballroom
Lloyd Albin Using GIS in PostgreSQL

presented by Lloyd Albin

In this presentation we will go over the old school math and the new school PostGIS method of doing the same math for calculating the distance and cost of an aircraft flight. You will notice how much easier it is to use PostGIS.

  • Installing PostGIS
    • Cloud Solutions
    • From Source
  • Aviation Math
    • Airplane Performance
    • Great Circle Math
  • PostGIS Math
    • Updating your table...

11:50 - 12:40 America Development
Hans-Jürgen Schönig ora_migrator: Moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL
A new tool to move to PostgreSQL

presented by Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL has become some sort of national sports. A couple of tools have already been developed to make the move to PostgreSQL easier. However, as none of the tool the tools really satisfied and therefore we came up with ora_migration, a tool, which allows to migrate data and other stuff to PostgreSQL fast and easily.

11:50 - 12:40 Freedom Use Cases
Atsushi Torikoshi Architecture & Pitfalls of Logical Replication
How should we manage it?

presented by Atsushi Torikoshi

We, at NTT OSS Center, provide NTT group companies with technical support service for open source software. During our experience of over 10 years providing technical support for PostgreSQL, customers have often demanded measures like replicating partial tables, replication between different major version PostgreSQL and even online major version upgrade. Now we have a way to realize these dem...


11:50 - 12:40 Enterprise Operations and Administration
Bharath Sitaraman Frank McQuillan Machine Learning, Graph, Text and Geospatial on Postgres and Greenplum

presented by Bharath Sitaraman and Frank McQuillan

Advanced analytics and machine learning are rapidly growing in importance in enterprise computing. Key enterprise data typically resides in relational and document form, and it is inefficient to copy data between systems to perform different types of analytical operations.

In addition to leveraging the rich set of Postgres capabilities like window functions, Greenplum offers machine learning...


12:50 - 13:40 Liberty II-III Greenplum Summit
PostgresConf Organizers Thursday Lunch II

presented by PostgresConf Organizers

Interact with your fellow attendees while having something to eat.

12:50 - 13:50 Newport Grand Ballroom
Mason Sharp Distributed Foreign Data Wrappers
Processing external data in parallel with Postgres-XL

presented by Mason Sharp

Postgres-XL can be used as a PostgreSQL-based shared-nothing database cluster. In this talk, we discuss extending the Foreign Data Wrapper capability to process external data in parallel using Postgres-XL. Foreign Data Wrappers and extensions used as examples include cstore_fdw (columnar compressed storage), file_fdw (CSVs), timescaledb, and a new dist_fs_fdw that allows use of Alluxio, HDFS an...


12:50 - 13:40 America Development
Dave Nielsen Caching Data with Redis Data Structures

presented by Dave Nielsen

When your web application suddenly explodes with 1000's of new users or your microservices need a boost, there is no easier way to increase throughput and reduce latency than with Redis in the cloud. These are just some of the reasons Redis has become one of the fastest growing databases and the most popular database deployed in containers. In this talk, Dave Nielsen, Head of Ecosystem at Redis...


12:50 - 13:40 Liberty I Cloud
Andrew Dunstan Contributing to PostgreSQL
How to do the best for both the community and yourself or your company.

presented by Andrew Dunstan

This talk will focus on the various ways that individuals can contribute to the survival and development of PostgreSQL. This can include provision of time, resources and money in a variety of ways. Sometimes the community can be a little difficult for newcomers to get to grips with. We will discuss how people in different roles, including developers, translators, documenters, and testers c...


09:20 - 09:40 America Development
Marco Slot Distributing queries the Citus way
Fast and lazy

presented by Marco Slot

Citus is a sharding extension for postgres that can efficiently distribute a wide range of SQL queries. It uses postgres' planner hook to transparently intercept and plan queries on "distributed" tables. Citus then executes the queries in parallel across many servers, in a way that delegates most of the heavy lifting back to postgres.

Within Citus, we distinguish between several types of SQL...


09:50 - 10:40 Freedom Postgres Internals
Thomas Limoncelli Radical Ideas from the Practice of Cloud Computing
Use cheap hardware, do risky things more, and celebrate failure.

presented by Thomas Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli highlights some of the most radical advice from his book “The Practice of Cloud System Administration”. Topics include: create resiliency in software, do risky procedures often, and create a blameless culture to encourage communication and improve system reliability.

09:50 - 10:40 Enterprise Operations and Administration
Jignesh Shah Deep Dive into the RDS PostgreSQL Universe

presented by Jignesh Shah

In this session we will deep dive into the exciting features of Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, including new versions of PostgreSQL releases, new extensions, larger instances. We will also show benchmarks of new RDS instance types, and their value proposition. We will also look at how high availability and read scaling works on RDS PostgreSQL. We will also explore lessons we have learned managing a...


09:50 - 10:40 Liberty I Cloud
Goutam Tadi Greenplum Kontained: Coordinating Many Postgres Instances on Kubernetes
Cloud Native Greenplum

presented by Goutam Tadi

Kubernetes provides a new way to deploy and run software in containers with flexible Services and global DNS discovery. This session will describe the new deployment of Greenplum on the Pivotal Container Service (PKS - the K is for Kubernetes), which provides a Kubernetes environment running on an enterprise-grade infrastructure powered by the BOSH open source project.

Container environments...


09:50 - 10:40 Liberty II-III Greenplum Summit
John Ashmead From Startup to Mature Company
PostgreSQL Tips and Techniques

presented by John Ashmead

This talk is for people relatively new to PostgreSQL who are wondering:

>How do I get going with PostgreSQL -- in a way that won’t create problems later on!

We’ll go over best practice in:

  1. Table design
  2. Indexing
  3. PostgreSQL types
  4. Stored procedures -- when & how to use, when not
  5. Triggers
  6. How to work with a web framework (i.e. Ruby-on-Rails): what works belongs in t...

09:50 - 10:40 America Use Cases
Jonathan Katz Real-Time Data Streams from PostgreSQL: A Game Changer in Application Architecture

presented by Jonathan Katz

Often in applications, it is necessary to be aware of all changes to your database in order to take additional actions. Prior to PostgreSQL 9.4, this could be accomplished with database-level triggers or hooks in your application code, but these methods have both performance and data consistency tradeoffs.

In version 9.4, PostgreSQL introduced logical decoding, which provides an interface to...


10:50 - 11:40 America Development
Jim Nasby All the dirt on VACUUM
10.0 edition

presented by Jim Nasby

The use of Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) is perhaps one of the most powerful features PostgreSQL has to offer, but it can be a source of confusion for new and experienced users alike. In this talk we will provide an in-depth walkthrough of why Postgres needs to vacuum and what vacuum does.


  • MVCC details
  • HOT overview
  • Identifying tuples to be vacuumed/frozen
  • Vis...

10:50 - 11:40 Freedom Operations and Administration
Alexander Kukushkin PostgreSQL on AWS: Tips & Tricks (and horror stories)
Things you should be aware of, before you start first production services

presented by Alexander Kukushkin

At a blistering pace and for a variety of reasons, companies are migrating their on-premise database infrastructures to cloud-based solutions - to save costs on hardware, tame the impact of disaster recovery, or even to improve security. Zalando is not an exception: more than two years ago we migrated our first production services to AWS.

In addition to the fully managed database services li...


10:50 - 11:40 Liberty I Cloud
Peter Eisentraut Next generation PostgreSQL replication with pglogical 3 and BDR 3

presented by Peter Eisentraut

This talk will present the PostgreSQL replication solutions pglogical 3 and BDR 3.

pglogical is a PostgreSQL extension for logical replication between two nodes. Most of the code for built-in logical replication in PostgreSQL 10 was derived from pglogical, while pglogical offers a larger feature set, such as row and column filtering, conflict resolution, and compatibility back to PostgreSQL...


10:50 - 11:40 Enterprise Operations and Administration
Les McMonagle Achieving Data Privacy Compliance in Postgres or Greenplum
Data Protection versus Data Access Control – What’s the difference and why you should care

presented by Les McMonagle

This session will provide a deep dive into the difference between data protection and data access control, how they can work together in a layered approach to data security and when you need more of one versus the other. The information provided will be applicable to GDPR compliance, HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus Rule compliance or the hosting and processing of any sensitive or regulated data includi...


10:50 - 11:40 Liberty II-III Regulated Industry Summit
PostgresConf Organizers Friday Lunch

presented by PostgresConf Organizers

Interact with your fellow attendees while having something to eat.

11:50 - 12:50 Newport Grand Ballroom
Baron Schwartz How To Index Your Database

presented by Baron Schwartz

Do you know what database indexes are and how they work? Do they seem hard to understand? They don't have to be. The basic principles you need to know are simple and easy to remember. And developers need to know the basics of indexing: your DBAs can't save you, because discovering you need an index after you deploy a feature is often too little, too late. This talk will give you the fundamental...


12:50 - 13:40 America Development
Dmitry Dolgov NoSQL Best Practices for PostgreSQL

presented by Dmitry Dolgov

Everyone already knows the Jsonb data type: one of PostgreSQL’s most attractive features which allows efficient work with semi-structured data without sacrificing strong consistency and ability to use all the power of proven relational technology. But what exactly is inside Jsonb, are there any caveats, and how can you accidentally bring down performance?

We will discuss all that questio...


12:50 - 13:40 Enterprise Use Cases
Corey Huinker A Roadmap to Continuous Materialized Views
The benefits of continuously updated materialized views and the challenges for in implementing them

presented by Corey Huinker

Materialized Views are an important tool for capturing complex query information in a way that can save time for subsequent queries. However, materialized views have important limitations in terms of maintenance and updatability. This presentation shows current workarounds for those issues and presents a path forward toward implementing continuously updating materialized views in native postgre...


12:50 - 13:40 Freedom Postgres Internals
Sunil Kamath Combine the power of community PostgreSQL and Microsoft Azure to migrate existing or build new apps
Fully managed enterprise-ready community PostgreSQL service.

presented by Sunil Kamath

Azure Database for PostgreSQL is a fully managed enterprise-ready community PostgreSQL. This service is built for developers using the community PostgreSQL database technology you love without the management and administration burden. In this session, we will walk you through the service capabilities such as high availability, security, and elastic scaling of performance, and how the service in...


12:50 - 13:40 Liberty I Cloud
Hannu Valtonen Change Data Capture for a brave new world
How to sleep better knowing your changes are getting captured

presented by Hannu Valtonen

Now that you've stored your data in the database you're done with it, right? No.

Typically storing data into your database is only the beginning of its journey through your company's systems.

There's often a need to act on the data: from providing the service the customer actually wanted to sending emails to doing complex data analytics. PostgreSQL's logical replication features have mad...


12:50 - 13:40 Liberty II-III Data
Unscheduled events
Rohan Kumar Microsoft Keynote

presented by Rohan Kumar

A place holder for the Microsoft keynote

Use Cases
Bruce Momjian Postgres 11 and Beyond
A panel on Postgres 11 features and future development

presented by Bruce Momjian

An interactive panel with Postgres hackers and developers, moderated by Bruce Momjian.

Janos Hajagos Building a data aggregation engine using PostGreSQL to identify opportunities to improve clinical documentation at an academic medical center

presented by Janos Hajagos

The process of assigning diagnosis codes to an inpatient hospitalization requires a coordinated effort across a medical center’s clinical and administrative domains. Coded data is increasingly being used to evaluate quality metrics, such as, length of stay and mortality. The Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) team supports the medical review of cases to improve coding quality.

An integ...


Regulated Industry Summit
Christopher Travers Advanced Data Modelling techniques
Up your Data Modelling Game

presented by Christopher Travers

This training focuses on leveraging PostgreSQL as a data modelling platform, rather than simply as a relational database. As a data modelling platform we have many techniques which can be used to more efficiently manage the data we have, sometimes adding features to applications which would be impossible to add through other means.

This training focuses on advanced data modelling techniques...


Postgres Internals
Keith Fiske PostgreSQL Partitioning
Then & Now

presented by Keith Fiske

Splitting data amongst tables has long been a standard practice in RDBMS systems to increase both storage and query efficiency. But until recently PostgreSQL was missing that feature natively. This talk will discuss both the old trigger based methods, the new native feature included in PostgreSQL 10 and upcoming features in 11 and beyond.

Slides - [


Postgres Internals
Hans-Jürgen Schönig Digging into advanced SQL
Analyzing huge amount of data with super efficient modern SQL

presented by Hans-Jürgen Schönig

While SQL is a really powerful thing, most people don't harvest the full potential of the language. The idea of this training is to introduce people to some of the more advanced features of PostgreSQL such as windowing functions and analytics, ordered set, recursive SQL, and a lot more. This full day training will introduce you to all the advanced stuff you might have never heard of but which...


Scott Mead Elegant Database Tuning
Take your 'first-pass' config file to the next level with workload-specific tuning tips

presented by Scott Mead

The pg_catalog provides in-depth details of how your datamodel is being used. Follow along as we cruise the catalog to learn which indexes are never used, which indexes are missing and where we have over-normalized. Knowing how to analyze your database workload will allow you to make critical performance adjustments, inform your postgresql.conf and build an intelligent vacuum strategy. Catalog ...


PostgresConf Organizers Monday Registration

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Robert Treat DevOpsing Your Database

presented by Robert Treat

Most of the focus for DevOps has been focused on cross-pollinating development practices and operational concerns throughout the deployment pipeline, but a lot of the conversation leaves out what is often the most critical part of your technology stack: the database. Perhaps that’s because DBA’s have always had to keep one foot in development and one in production, before there was a devop...


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Phil Vacca All The Updates In the World
Continuous Delivery on a Billion Row Database

presented by Phil Vacca

All The Updates In the World: Continuous Delivery on a Billion Row Database

A familiar world of magnificent waterfalls has slowly disappeared. Where once it was a rare occasion to see code released into the wild - in vast chunks and suddenly - we now strive to push the smallest features out as they are committed.

It's a lovely dream. Immediately from code-commit, our man Jenkins whisk...


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PostgresConf Organizers Welcome to PostgresConf US 2018

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Welcome to PostgresConf US 2018

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Jose Cores Finotto Alvaro Hernandez Hydra geo-redundant failover for Postgresql
geo-redundancy in Groupon

presented by Jose Cores Finotto and Alvaro Hernandez

PostgreSQL High Availability (HA) is a very desirable goal for most, if not a strict requirement. And there are technologies and literature to help provide HA on a PostgreSQL cluster.

However at Groupon we manage hundreds of database servers, distributed across several datacenters in the world. And our internal policy mandates that we need a Disaster Recovery mechanism to switch a complete d...


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Farrukh Afzal PostgreSQL at Pandora
PostgreSQL at Pandora

presented by Farrukh Afzal

A DBA’s perspective of managing and growing a large scale PostgreSQL environment at Pandora Media, Inc., the music streaming and automated music recommendation service. A decade long journey from a handful to more than 2500 PostgreSQL clusters, covering configuration management, deployment, monitoring, upgrades, sharding, backups, replication and high availability.

Use Cases
Kevin Kempter Postgresql Foreign Data Wrappers

presented by Kevin Kempter

A presentation of Foreign Data Wrappers to include technical deployment details, usage, and use cases (including a vehicle for platform conversions)


  • Overview

  • Creating the extension / installation

  • Creating a foreign server

  • User mapping

  • Import foreign schema

  • FDW Joins

  • FDW as a materialized view

  • FDW triggers

  • FDW and transactions

  • Detecti...


Operations and Administration
Mark Bolz General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Leverage Azure compliance offerings and capability for your compliance requirements

presented by Mark Bolz

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is ushering in a new era of compliance. Learn how Azure Database for PostgreSQL is designed to help customers comply with GDPR. Azure Database for PostgreSQL is built from the ground up for Security, Privacy, Compliance and Transparency helping customers achieve compliance for themselves and their customers by leveraging Microsoft Azure’s many comp...


Regulated Industry Summit
Nicolae Rusan Building A Serverless Database Using Postgres

presented by Nicolae Rusan

Serverless infrastructures open up the opportunity to reimagine how databases and code interact. In this talk we demo a new type of database we've built that is focused on serverless use-cases. The design goals being ease of use and enhanced powers at the database level. We outline our thoughts on the future of the data layer for applications, and how new design paradigms such as GraphQL, AI, a...


Use Cases
Brad Urani Relational Anti-Patterns: How Not to Design your Database

presented by Brad Urani

When designing your database, what looks like the best relational design can be a trap. Join us as we expose these database anti-patterns. We'll model shoes at a fictional shoe store and show both a naive design and more flexible alternatives. We'll discuss how to represent trees, and see that the simplest solution is the slowest and hardest to query. We'll explore polymorphic relationships and...


Robert Haas Partitioning Improvements in PostgreSQL 11
Hash partitioning, CREATE INDEX, performance improvements, and more

presented by Robert Haas

PostgreSQL 10 was the first release to feature built-in declarative partitioning. While this feature offered significant performance and ease-of-use benefits as compared with previous releases, it left out numerous user-visible features and performance optimizations. PostgreSQL 11 is expected to offer significant further improvements to the table partitioning feature. These include both ...


Postgres Internals
 Tom Kincaid Postgres -- Past, Present and Future
What challenges most Postgres face in the next 5 years.

presented by Tom Kincaid

This talk will give a short history of Postgres, speaking about its origins and it's original goals. It will then discuss the reasons for the rapid growth in adoption and development it has seen over the years. Finally, it will then discuss the opportunities and challenges that Postgres faces in the next 3-5 years. Sources and illustrations from this talk, will be based on interviews from activ...


Use Cases
Jignesh Shah Jeremy Schneider Abhinav Singh ramya kaushik Amazon Relational Database Service for PostgreSQL and AWS Database Migration Service Training

presented by Jignesh Shah, Jeremy Schneider, Abhinav Singh, and ramya kaushik

In this training session we will be combining an extended deep dive on Amazon Relational Database Service along with a hands on lab using Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and AWS DM. As part of the deep dive we will cover the unique features of Amazon RDS for improved availability and durability. In addition, you will get hands on experience creating an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL for high availability ...


Payal Singh Securing Your Data on PostgreSQL
Protecting your data at the Database Tier

presented by Payal Singh

This talk will cover the various features that Postgres provides for data security, from the very basic to the most advanced.

While most applications are aware of the minimum basic security features and use them, there is often a lack of understanding about how best to manage them, especially with major security features being released with every major version of Postgres. As for advanced fe...


Operations and Administration
Grant McAlister Tuning PostgreSQL for High Write Workloads

presented by Grant McAlister

In this session we will cover a number of the way that you can tune PostgreSQL to better handle high write workloads. We will cover both application and database tuning methods as each type can have substantial benefits but can also interact in unexpected ways when you are operating at scale. On the application side we will look at write batching, use of GUID's, general index structure, the cos...


Postgres Internals
PostgresConf Organizers Happy Hour Reception

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Join your fellow PostgresConf attendees in the Newport Ballroom for some light snacks and some beverages. You can stay and socialize over some Foosball and Air Hockey or grab and go to your next break out session.

Jon Roberts Pivotal Greenplum in Action on AWS, Azure, and GCP

presented by Jon Roberts

In this session you'll get an in-depth demonstration of Pivotal Greenplum on the AWS, Azure, and GCP Marketplaces. These offerings simplify deploying and managing Pivotal Greenplum in the cloud by using best practices and leveraging each cloud's strengths for high availability and elasticity. Topics will include performance optimization, security, high-availability, and licensing.

Greenplum Summit
Francois Martel Best Practices for Running Postgres in Kubernetes
Operating a HA, performant Postgres Database on VMs or baremetal

presented by Francois Martel

Containers and Kubernetes are two big trends in DevOps, but it is not obvious if DevOps team should containerize their databases, and if so, how to operate them using container platforms like Kubernetes. In this talk. I will discuss the benefits of containerizing databases and present best practices for running Postgres in containers using Kubernetes. We will cover how to use Kubernetes to de...


Operations and Administration
Ozgun Erdogan Challenges of Distributing Postgres: A Citus Story

presented by Ozgun Erdogan

Citus scales out PostgreSQL through using the extension APIs. To do this, Citus shards and replicates data, performs distributed deadlock detection, and parallelizes queries across a cluster of machines.

This talk describes the distributed systems challenges we faced at Citus and how we addressed them. In particular, we'll talk about three problems we tackled when scaling out Postgres:

  • ...

Shahram Ghandeharizadeh Optimization of PostgreSQL for Physician Shift Scheduling Workflow

presented by Shahram Ghandeharizadeh

This talk presents the use of PostgreSQL for physician shift scheduling workflow in support of hospital operations, physician coordination, professional time-off, and related analytics. We report on the different classes of SQL queries and DML commands (insert, delete, update) that constitute this application workload. We present a wide range of techniques to enhance response time and through...


Use Cases
 Erik Brandsberg Automatic Failover and Caching Workshop

presented by Erik Brandsberg

Join Heimdall Data for a Workshop on Automatic Failover and Caching for PostgreSQL.

Operations and Administration
Jordan Lewis Nikhil Benesch CockroachDB Fundamentals
Understanding How to Model Data for A Distributed SQL System

presented by Jordan Lewis and Nikhil Benesch

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database built to run in cloud-native environments. CockroachDB is built to power applications with geo-distributed users (Miami to Seattle, or Sydney to Paris) and hybrid deployments. In this 3-hour workshop, users will get an introduction into CockroachDB's design and architecture, covering data distribution, distributed transactions, geo-replication, and depl...


Operations and Administration
Lukas Fittl Monitoring PostgreSQL at Scale
How to monitor production databases for query performance, high availability, and more

presented by Lukas Fittl

Your PostgreSQL database is one of the most important pieces of your architecture - yet the level of introspection available in Postgres is often hard to work with. Its easy to get very detailed information, but what should you really watch out for, send reports on and alert on?

In this talk we'll discuss how query performance statistics can be made accessible to application developers, crit...


Operations and Administration
Jacobus Wolvaardt JSONB introduction
What we learned, some do's and dont's

presented by Jacobus Wolvaardt

This is a introductory overview of JSONB for those who have not had the pleasure of using it before.

What I will try to cover the topics below:

  • A quick overview of the syntax basics as well as how we use JSONB in our clinical healthcare app, where we capture largely unstructured clinical data.
  • What do you want to use it for, and what is it bad for.
  • The different indexes on JSON...

Use Cases
Nikolay Samokhvalov Automated DBA

presented by Nikolay Samokhvalov

postgres_dba is a brand new open source DBA toolset, that helps application developers and system engineers to find database issues and resolve them faster and easier.

Considering PostgreSQL (including its managed cloud versions like Heroku Postgres or AWS RDS Postgres), we'll discuss:

  • why it is so important to have proper tools to analyze dat...

Operations and Administration
Pratik Verma Securing Data Access in a multi-platform Data Lake

presented by Pratik Verma

One of the largest Digital Industrial company uses a multi-platform Data Lake containing Greenplum and Hortonworks Hadoop data platforms, ingestion and transformation tool Talend, and multiple commercial off the shelf (Tableau, OBIEE) and home-grown applications to land standardized and report on financial data sourced from different ERPs across its multiple businesses. With BlueTalon, this com...


Regulated Industry Summit
Jim Mlodgenski Migrating to PostgreSQL
Get off your expensive proprietary database onto the most advanced open source database

presented by Jim Mlodgenski

Whether it is for cost reasons or simply convenience, many people are migrating their mission-critical databases to PostgreSQL. Most of the time, people are moving from Oracle, but many are moving from Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL or even MongoDB. Depending on your application making the switch can be extremely simple or impossible. This tutorial will teach how to identify the differences and how ...


Marc Linster Postgres in a world of DevOps

presented by Marc Linster

The talk will discuss how Postgres, the leading open source relational database, is positioned as the centerpiece of a pivot from traditional architectures to a micro-services based approach that is in full support of a DevOps motion.

The talk will touch on how Postgres meets the key requirements of being developer friendly, supporting the process with a versatile data model using JSONB, in...


Cesar Rojas Pivotal Internal Meeting (By Invitation Only)
Pivotal Internal Meeting (By Invitation Only)

presented by Cesar Rojas

This is the Tuesday private meeting for invited Pivotal / Greenplum clients.

Greenplum Summit
Michał Gutkowski Rafał Hawrylak How do we monitor 100+ PostgreSQL machines of TomTom's mapmaking platform in the AWS cloud

presented by Michał Gutkowski and Rafał Hawrylak

Co-speaker Rafał Hawrylak.

Everyone working with business critical PostgreSQL deployment, understands how important it is to set up proper monitoring. Basic checks that will say "my db works ok!" are essential and in DevOps projects everyone should know them. However, it is also required to have insights into database performance based on values from PostgreSQL system catalog views.


Operations and Administration
 Matvey Arye Using PostgreSQL, Prometheus and Grafana for storing, analyzing and visualizing metrics

presented by Matvey Arye

Grafana and Prometheus have become a popular duo for collecting, querying and graphing metrics, giving teams greater clarity on their operations. But while Prometheus has its own time-series storage subsystem specifically for metrics monitoring, many have found they require something for long-term, persistent storage that also allows more complex queries to be run across a larger dataset.



Use Cases
Elisabeth Hendrickson Jacque Istok Greenplum: Building a Postgres Fabric for Large Scale Analytical Computation

presented by Elisabeth Hendrickson and Jacque Istok

​Learn ​how Postgres as a core engine creates the fabric for large scale analytics on ​multi​structured data, and why Greenplum is perfectly positioned in the ​Postgres ecosystem to be the ​main option for big ​data ​workloads.

Greenplum Summit
Michael Glaesemann Beyond JDBC: Creating a Custom Postgres driver for Clojure

presented by Michael Glaesemann

JDBC is a popular standard database client API for Java. It's great for portability across database server backends, and the [PostgreSQL JDBC Driver][pgjdbc] is a solid implementation. As with many standards, there's an expected common denominator for behavior. There are circumstances, however, when that common denominator limits what's actually available from a specific underlying system....


Alexey Klyukin Alexander Kukushkin Managing PostgreSQL clusters with Patroni
Step-by-step PosgreSQL High Availability

presented by Alexander Kukushkin and Alexey Klyukin

PostgreSQL has built-in support for creating hot standby nodes and keeping them up-to-date with streaming replication; alas, there is no out-of-box failover. Patroni is a small Python daemon to fill that niche, enabling anyone in a few simple steps to create high availability PostgreSQL clusters based on hot standby and streaming replication. It manages the PostgreSQL database instance and util...


Operations and Administration
Alvaro Hernandez PostgreSQL Configuration for Humans
AI tuning is not ready yet

presented by Alvaro Hernandez

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source database. Indeed! With around 270 configuration parameters in postgresql.conf, plus all the knobs in pg_hba.conf, it is definitely ADVANCED!

How many parameters do you tune? 1? 8? 32? Anyone ever tuned more than 64?

No tuning means below par performance. But how to start? Which parameters to tune? What are the appropriate values? Is ther...


Operations and Administration
Marshall Presser Andreas Scherbaum Petabyte Scale Data Warehousing with Open Source Greenplum Database

presented by Marshall Presser and Andreas Scherbaum

It's more than just storing and retrieving data. Equally important are loading high volume data in parallel and running analytics in the database. This hands-on session will lead you through the entire process of creating, loading, and analyzing data in the Greenplum MPP database. It's PostgreSQL, but bigger and DWH-focused.

At the end of this workshop, attendees will learn modern DWH tec...


Greenplum Summit
 Tom Kincaid Simon Riggs Internet of Things with PostgreSQL - Performance & Security
An in depth look at Postgres together IOT

presented by Simon Riggs and Tom Kincaid

Gartner predicts that there will be over 21 billion connected devices in the world by 2020 []. More than anything else, this number drives all 3 Vs of Big Data: Velocity, Volume, Variety. The Internet of Things (IoT) causes some challenges for any database system: security, resource consumption, ingestion rate, replication as well as coping with various acces...


Brett Hesterberg Alexis Guajardo Data Integrity at Scale - lessons learned building Google Cloud SQL

presented by Brett Hesterberg and Alexis Guajardo

Keeping data safe is the top responsibility of anyone running a database. Learn how the Google Cloud SQL team protects against data loss. Cloud SQL is Google’s fully-managed database service that makes it easy to set up and maintain PostgreSQL databases in the cloud. In this session, we’ll dive into Cloud SQL’s storage architecture to learn how we check data down to the disk level. We will also...


Operations and Administration
Raj Singh Do data science and machine learning with Postgres on the IBM Cloud

presented by Raj Singh

Data science and machine learning are some of the very few things PostgreSQL isn’t already awesome at. While there are some recent experiments at bringing these technologies directly into the database, there are much easier ways to leverage the huge ecosystem of data science and ML tools already built around Python, Spark and Jupyter Notebooks while keeping PostgreSQL at the heart of your opera...


Maksim Sobolevskiy DataGrip: a smart IDE for PostgreSQL

presented by Maksim Sobolevskiy

For over 15 years JetBrains have strived to make effective developer tools. IntelliJ IDEA for java is the most popular of them. IntelliJ supports databases as well, and finally we in JetBrains decided to bring this functionality and our experience in programming languages to the world of SQL. That’s how DataGrip appeared.
In this talk Maksim will tell how DataGrip helps developers by automat...


Joshua D. Drake The postgresql.conf from A-Z: Includes Postgres Performance and Maintenance

presented by Joshua D. Drake

This comprehensive training incorporates the always popular half day training: Postgres Performance and Maintenance. To round out the training we incorporate information on everything from provisioning, max_connections, adjusting the planner, managing bg_writer, logging, autovacuum and nuanced information such as the wal_writer, synchronous_commit and how shared_buffers work. There will be ampl...


Operations and Administration
Alexander Denissov Federated Queries Across Both Different Storage Mediums and Different Data Engines

presented by Alexander Denissov

Greenplum Database excels when performing analytical queries against the data it is managing using its internal storage, however, not all of the interesting data is always found within. It is essential for Greenplum Database to be able to query data residing in external systems, especially “big data” from Hadoop ecosystems, such as files in HDFS or data in Hive or HBase tables.

Postgres Exte...


Greenplum Summit
Elizabeth Zalman Do you know your vendor dependencies?
Don't wake up to a data breach you didn't cause

presented by Elizabeth Zalman

You're only as secure as your weakest link. That includes not only your employees, but your vendors and their employees too. Most companies have no idea how many systems and people have access to their data. You can't protect your data if you can't tell who has access to it, nor what they're doing with it. In this talk, I'll share practical examples of breaches I've personally experienced along...


Regulated Industry Summit
Hubert Zhang Jack Wu Customize and Secure the Runtime and Dependencies of Your Procedural Languages using PL/Container

presented by Hubert Zhang and Jack Wu

Python and R are widely used among data scientists. These two languages are supported in Greenplum in the form of procedural languages, PL/Python and PL/R, but unfortunately they suffer from a security problem due to running them as untrusted. As an untrusted language, only administrators can create the UDF (user defined language) which limits the convenience of data scientist training and debu...


Greenplum Summit
Pratik Verma How to Tame Mob Access to Your Data Lake
Lessons learned from a Data Lake with Greenplum and Hadoop

presented by Pratik Verma

One of the largest Digital Industrial company uses Data Democratization policy framework to reduce cost and complexity of reporting on financial data sourced from different ERPs across its multiple businesses. This company uses a multi-platform Data Lake containing Greenplum and Hortonworks Hadoop data platforms; attribute based access control tool BlueTalon; ingestion and transformation tool...


Regulated Industry Summit
Abbas Butt Deep dive into PostgreSQL Authentication Methods
PostgreSQL Authentication Methods

presented by Abbas Butt

###Deep dive into PostgreSQL Authentication Methods

In this training session we will cover the following topics

> 1. Introduction to Access, Authorization, Authentication and Logging
2. PostgreSQL configuration files and parameters related to Authentication
3. PAM Authentication
3.1 What is Linux-PAM
3.2 pam pg auth
A simple PAM module that uses ...


Operations and Administration
David Rader Avoid Being Trampled By Elephants

presented by David Rader

You convinced your boss, management, and executive team to switch to PostgreSQL - now what? Learn the keys to avoid being trampled by angry customers, developers and your boss.

Use Cases
Hector Perez David Kohn Time-series for the European Space Agency Solar Orbiter Archive with TimescaleDB

presented by Hector Perez and David Kohn

The European Space Agency Solar Orbiter mission's objective is to perform close-up, high-resolution studies of our Sun and inner heliosphere, through a combination of in-situ and remote-sensing instruments. The products obtained will be stored within the Solar Orbiter Archive (SOAR). All the in-situ measurements have the form of time series products which will hold hundreds of millions values. ...


Use Cases