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Lukas Fittl

Citus Data

Principal Engineer on the Citus Cloud team at Citus Data, developing and operating a distributed PostgreSQL-as-a-Service.

Creator of, hosted PostgreSQL Performance Monitoring, author of pg_query (Ruby extension to parse queries using the raw_parser) and other tools. I love working with PostgreSQL statistics and visualizing them.

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Your PostgreSQL database is one of the most important pieces of your architecture - yet the level of introspection available in Postgres is often hard to work with. Its easy to get very detailed information, but what should you really watch out for, send reports on and alert on?

In this talk we'll discuss how query performance statistics can be made accessible to application developers, critical entries one should monitor in the PostgreSQL log files, how to collect EXPLAIN plans at scale, how to watch over autovacuum and VACUUM operations, and how to flag issues based on schema statistics.

We'll also talk a bit about monitoring multi-server setups, first going into high availability and read standbys, logical replication, and then reviewing how monitoring looks like for sharded databases like Citus.

The talk will primarily describe free/open-source tools and statistics views readily available from within Postgres.

50 min
PostgresConf US 2018
Operations and Administration