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Tim Gorman


Tim Gorman is a technical consultant for Delphix who enable data virtualization and data masking to increase the agility of IT development and testing securely. Tim is co-author of six books about Oracle data warehousing and performance optimization, and has performed technical review for eight other published books.

Delphix can virtualize databases on PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, SAP ASE, DB2, and SAP HANA, permitting the creation of cloned copies quickly and easily.

Tim lives in Colorado with his wife Kellyn and their five kids.

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Data masking, also known as data obfuscation, is likely to become a new legal requirement in the near future. Masking is the solution for non-production systems (i.e. DEV, TEST, etc) to greatly reduce the surface area of risk for data breach in your organization. By eliminating non-production systems as a possible data security risk, you can now concentrate all efforts to protect sensitive and confidential data in the smallest possible area: production systems.

Masking should not be confused with encryption, which is an appropriate solution for production applications. Those who believe that encryption solves all security problems are misled. Those who believe their corporate firewall is impenetrable are also misled.

Come learn about the right way to secure non-production data in order to allow the organization to limit possible exposure only to production. Learn what techniques can be used, why, and what factors should be considered when deciding to secure confidential data.

Data masking is a job skill that didn't exist last year, but it will be a job skill from now on, and it is a important to learn about it now. Even if you don't bend your career in the direction of security, all data professionals are faced with data security challenges, and understanding the tools available and how they can be applied is basic wisdom.

2018 April 18 10:30 EDT
20 min
Liberty I
PostgresConf US 2018